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What is the HeartFlow FFRct® Analysis?

Physicians at London Bridge Hospital

now have access to a new non-

invasive diagnostic modality that will

help them identify whether or not a

patient has a functionally significant

coronary stenosis which may benefit

from revascularisation. Physicians

use this information to decide on

whether it is best to treat the patient

with medicines, or whether to refer the

patient to coronary angiography and


“The HeartFlow Analysis is the first

technology that bridges the gap between

the non-invasive and invasive tests within

one platform”, said Dr Jonathan Hill,

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at

London Bridge Hospital. “We are the first

hospital in London with this technology

at our fingertips, and we expect it to

help change the treatment paradigm for

patients with coronary artery disease.

From the patient’s perspective, the use

of FFRct® can streamline the decision

making about how to treat coronary

artery disease.”

HeartFlow Analysis determines the

functional significance of coronary

lesions by computing Fractional Flow

Reserve (FFR) non-invasively. Invasive

FFR is now considered to be the gold

standard for guiding the treatment

of coronary artery disease. Patients

with non-functional coronary lesions

have FFR values >0.80 and are best

treated medically, without interventional

procedures. On the other hand, patients

with ischaemia-producing stenoses have

FFR values ≤0.80 and may benefit from

coronary artery stenting or bypass. Such

patients should be sent for coronary

angiography and should be considered

for revascularisation.

Prospective, multicentre clinical trials

have shown that HeartFlow Analysis

provides accurate assessment of the

haemodynamic significance of coronary

artery disease and can help in guiding

the best treatment plan for each

individual patient.

“The HeartFlow Analysis offers a

new approach in evaluating coronary

artery disease that can help patients

and potentially reduce the number of

invasive tests. In addition to the direct

benefits to the patient, this could also

lead to significant savings for the health

system.” Dr Cliff Bucknall, Cardiac

Medical Director for HCA Healthcare

UK hospitals in London, said, “We are

hopeful that the HeartFlow Analysis

will be an invaluable addition to our

investigation pathway and that this will

be beneficial for our patients.”

Non-Invasive HeartFlow





physicians identify

patients who

would benefit

from coronary


HeartFlow FFRct®