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Our websites

We have a number of websites which offer specific information about the specialties and services we offer, events and clinics that we promote, as well as our outpatient diagnostic and treatment centres:

London Bridge Hospital Services

Orthopaedic Services: londonorthopaedicservices.com

At London Bridge Hospital, our world-class Orthopaedic Services offer rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a range of orthopaedic conditions at our conveniently located centre of medical excellence located in the heart of the city. All our Surgeons and Orthopaedic experts are appointed as Consultants to prestigious central London teaching hospitals giving the reassurance that they are leaders in their field. Go to the website.

Physiotherapy Services: londonbridgephysiotherapy.co.uk

At London Bridge Hospital, we have a specialist Physiotherapy Department comprising committed, highly experienced, Chartered and HPC registered Physiotherapists. The Physiotherapy Department is part of our multidisciplinary team helping to support clinical teams across the hospital. Go to the website.

London Spinal Centre: londonspinalcentre.co.uk/

Find the best Orthopaedic Services within our medical centre of excellence located in the heart of the City.Go to the website.

Oncology Services: londoncancercentre.co.uk

London Bridge Hospital’s Oncology Unit is run by some of the UK’s leading specialists in cancer and cancer-related conditions. Our established multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive cancer service, from advanced diagnostics and testing, through to surgery, chemotherapy, brachytherapy and symptom management. Go to the website.

Outpatient Centres

Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Centres: lbhoutpatients.london

London Bridge Hospital currently has six Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Centres. These Centres offer consultation across a wide range of specialties, as well as diagnostic and therapy services at convenient locations across the capital and the South East area, with access to same or next-day appointments. All of our Centres are led by London Bridge Hospital’s world-class Doctors and Surgeons from leading London teaching hospitals. Go to the website.

31 Old Broad Street: 31oldbroadstreet.london

31 Old Broad Street is one of our private diagnostic and treatment centres, located in the heart of the City. Specialising in diagnostic imaging and sports orthopaedic services, the centre offers a 3 Tesla (3T) MRI to provide state-of-the-art imaging for patients. Appointments are available on a same or next-day basis. Go tothe website.

City of London Medical Centre: citymedicalcentre.co.uk

City of London Medical Centre is conveniently located for patients living in the city and East London. This centre specialises in imaging and ENT, while also offering a wide range of other outpatient diagnostic and treatment services. Go to the website.

Docklands Healthcare: docklandshealthcare.london

Docklands Healthcare is an Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Centre designed to meet the demands of the Canary Wharf and Docklands community. The Centre offers an unparalleled range of premium healthcare, dental care and diagnostic imaging services. Go to the website.

HCA Healthcare UK at The Shard: hcatheshard.com

Outpatient and diagnostics services treating everyone from children to adults across a range of specialties from sports medicine through to women’s health.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre: sevenoaksmedicalcentre.com

Sevenoaks Medical Centre offers the expertise of top clinical specialists from some of London’s leading hospitals at a convenient location in South East England. Specialising in cardiology and physiotherapy, the Centre provides patients with easy access to world-class diagnostic and treatment services. Go to the website.

120 Old Broad Street: 120obs.co.uk

120 Old Broad Street has been developed to support our leading imaging centre at 31 Old Broad Street. Located centrally and within close proximity to 31 Old Broad Street, the centre offers the same state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of specialties including dermatology, cardiology, general medicine and gastroenterology. Go to the website.

GP Services

GP Seminar: gpseminar.london

London Bridge Hospital’s GP Liaison Department runs continuing educational development programmes through a series of seminar sessions for GPs. The seminars provide GPs with an opportunity to meet and receive expert input from Consultants from leading NHS teaching hospitals. Go to the website.

Associated Clinics

Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis and Treatment: londonafcentre.co.uk

The Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Centre comprises a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, who have international recognition in the research, diagnosis and treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. Go to the website.

Digestion Treatment Centre: londondigestion.co.uk

The Digestion Treatment Centre comprises of a group of dedicated digestion treatment Consultants, based in central London, who have international recognition in treatment and research into all aspects of digestion. Go to the website.

Head and Neck Cancer Centre: headandneckcancercentre.co.uk

The Head and Neck Cancer Centre brings together leading specialists in this field, utilising the state-of-the-art facilities to treat neck and head conditions. The team includes Head and Neck and Reconstructive Surgeons, Oncologists, Specialist Anaesthetists, Specialist Radiologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians and Specialist Nurse Counsellors. Go to the website.

London Lung Cancer Centre: londonlungcancer.com

London Lung Cancer Centre was created by leading Lung Cancer Treatment and Mesothelioma Treatment specialists in London to allow patients to get a rapid opinion, diagnosis and lung cancer treatment at leading private hospitals in London. Go to the website

London Arrhythmia Centre: londonarrhythmiacentre.co.uk

The London Arrhythmia Centre offers effective arrhythmia treatments for patients with disturbances of heart rhythm and arrhythmia. Go to the website.

London Breast Centre: londonbreastcentre.co.uk

The London Breast Centre was established to provide patients with access to rapid advice, diagnosis and treatment for breast problems, including breast cancer screening and breast reconstruction. Go to the website.

London Bridge Orthopaedics: londonbridgeorthopaedics.co.uk

London Bridge Orthopaedics offer rapid assessment, specialist consulting and treatment for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. All of the Surgeons and Orthopaedic experts are appointed as Consultants to prestigious central London teaching hospitals giving the reassurance that they are leaders in their field. Go to the website.

London Colorectal Group: londoncolorectal.co.uk

The London Colorectal Group is a group of Consultants specialising in surgery and the treatment of colorectal / bowel problems, general surgery, gastroenterology and hepatology. The group consists of four Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeons, a Gastroenterologist / Physician, a Gastroenterologist / Hepatologist, a Nurse Practitioner, a Clinical Scientist, a Stoma Nurse Specialist and a Junior Sister / Colorectal Nurse Specialist on the ward. Go to the website.

London Liver Centre:Go to the website.

London Lupus Centre: londonlupuscentre.co.uk

The London Lupus Centre comprises state-of-the-art technology and leading specialists, to provide treatment and diagnosis of lupus. Conveniently located in central London, they also offer a full rheumatic diseases clinical service.Go to the website.

London Rheumatology Centre: londonrheumatologycentre.co.uk

The London Rheumatology Centre provides diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic disorders from expert Consultants specialising in orthopaedics, physiotherapy and rheumatology. Many general rheumatic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, can now be brought under control if diagnosed and treated early. Conditions once considered difficult, such as low back pain, chronic shoulder problems and knee arthritis, are now able to be successfully treated. Go to the website.

The London Thoracic Unit: londonthoracicgroup.co.uk

The London Bridge Thoracic Group provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art thoracic investigations and treatments for all lung conditions, in London. Go to the website.