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Blood Management

Our blood management programme is the most comprehensive in the UK’s private sector. We actively seek to minimise blood damage and optimise blood clotting, to prevent bleeding and to reduce the need for blood transfusion. Our most recent audit of transfusion in cardiac patients shows that 63% did not receive a transfusion at all, with only 17% receiving a transfusion of red blood cells. For patients, this means less exposure to infection and other transfusion-related adverse effects, reducing the likelihood of a prolonged intensive care stay.

We are currently the only unit in the UK (NHS or private) to offer Platelet Function Analysis and Genetic Screening to monitor the effects of anti-platelet drugs prescribed to prevent life-threatening blood clots developing in cardiac surgery or cardiology procedures. This allows recommendations to be made in the crucial 48 hours after an operation, giving a clear understanding of whether the drugs prescribed are working, and enabling corrections to be made if necessary. The team at London Bridge Hospital won the ‘Best Medical Practice Award’ at the Laing and Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards for Evidence-Based Anti-Platelet Therapy Monitoring.

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Blood Management

Our blood management services apply across all aspects of cardiac and thoracic care

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Counselling Services

Our psychosexual clinical nurse specialist is available to support all our cardiac and thoracic patients

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Symptom Control

Our symptom control team are here to help you manage symptoms, especially if you have heart failure or lung disease

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Dietetic Support

Our dieticians play a crucial role in the care of all cardiac and thoracic patients               

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