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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patient support is critical in delivery of positive patient outcomes. Cardiac Rehabilitation focuses on long term recovery and wellbeing through exercise, lifestyle management, education and risk factor modification for patients with established heart disease or those at risk of it, taking into account family history, raised cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes.  

Suzanne O’ Connor is our Cardiac Rehabilitation Sister, and her role involves supporting all patients undergoing heart surgery, Coronary Intervention (PCI) or following a heart attack (MI). She works closely with Consultants, Cardiac Nurses, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists, and Dieticians providing continuity of care before, during and after hospital stay. Suzanne provides Pre-Assessment for cardiac surgical patients prior to admission during which she provides information, answers questions and explains planned procedures. Suzanne also ensures all necessary pre- operative tests have been arranged. Suzanne also carries out daily weekday reviews of all cardiac surgical patients, building a good rapport with patients and their families during inpatient stay.

This ensures that discharge plans are in place including organising referrals to community nurses and anti-coagulation services, as required.

She also follows up with patients after discharge to see how they are coping at home, and to answer any questions they may have. Suzanne refers all patients who have had cardiac surgery, coronary Intervention or heart attack for Phase III cardiac rehabilitation to either NHS or private services. Phase III cardiac rehabilitation is a structured program of exercise, education and support lasting a number of weeks.

One to one rehabilitation is available through CP& R who we have close links with and they will work closely with your consultants here. They have London clinics at Monument and Harley Street. They can be contacted direct on 020 7053 6104 or email enquiries@cpandr.co.uk. Some patients may prefer to have some additional supervised exercise at London Bridge Hospital after discharge prior to starting Phase III rehabilitation. This is carried out by Diane Graham, Senior Cardiac Physiotherapist and Lead Cardiac Physiotherapist. Diane would arrange this with you as an inpatient, or you could be referred once you have gone home. Suzanne also collects audit data on all of our cardiac surgical patients for the National SCTS database.

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