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Dietetic Support

Our specialist Dietetic Team provides nutritional advice for cardiac patients, from admission through to discharge and follow-up advice as needed in the outpatient setting.

Combining dietetic counselling alongside our other cardiac services means that patients receive treatment from a range of leading specialists without having to book separate appointments. Our highly qualified team provides a comprehensive dietary assessment and tailored advice, with the goals of enhancing the recovery process post-operatively if required, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease progression.

By making improvements to diet, it is possible to manage risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and improve wellbeing. The bespoke advice is based on the latest scientific evidence and recommendations, and is tailored to the specific priorities and needs of each individual.

Dietetics forms a key part of the overall approach to care at London Bridge Hospital; our multidisciplinary team works closely to integrate nutritional guidance into a patient’s holistic treatment. All of our dietitians are registered with the Health Professions Council, and are members of the British Dietetic Association.

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Dietetic Support

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