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Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia

Dr Serge Nikolic

Dr Serge Nikolic

Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia

Pain Management


Dr Nikolic is a Consultant in Pain Medicine. He offers an individually-tailored, holistic service that includes interventional pain management, analgesia optimisation and comprehensive rehabilitation and psychological support when appropriate. 
He works closely with a team of specialists who are experts in their fields (physiotherapists, osteopaths, vocational rehabilitation specialists/occupational therapists and clinical psychologists).
Dr Nikolic’s NHS base is St Bartholomew’s Hospital and his main private consulting rooms are at the London Bridge Hospital, although he has admitting rights to and work in most private hospitals within London area. 
He offers a service of the highest clinical standard that is firmly founded on the principles of evidence-based medicine. He is regularly involved in teaching and research, so his professional knowledge and skills are constantly kept up to date and reflect the latest developments in the field of Interventional Pain Medicine. 

Dr Nikolic’s main interests are: 

1.    Spinal Pain management, in particular cervical pain with or without brachialgia.
2.    Myofascial pain syndromes 
3.    Headaches 
4.    Neuromodulation – spinal cord stimulation 
5.    Neuropathic pain 

The main interventions performed by Dr Nikolic are: 

1.    Diagnostic/therapeutic facet joint/medial branch blocks 
2.    Radiofrequency treatment (rhyzotomy) to dorsal ramii – denervation procedures 
3.    Pulsed radiofrequency treatment to nerve roots, trunks and peripheral nerves 
4.    Sympathetic blocks with or without radiofrequency treatment 
5.    Neuroaxial injections in particular cervical dorsal root infiltration/transforaminal injection
6.    Percutaneous spinal cord stimulation 
7.    Botox® injection therapy for migraines/headaches and myofascial pain 
8.    Others 

Special interests

Spinal pain management, in particular cervical pain with or without brachialgia, myofascial pain syndromes/musculoskeletal pain, neuromodulation - spinal cord stimulation, neuropathic pain and abdominal pain.

Consulting Address

St Thomas Street, The Shard



Consulting Sessions:

Tuesday PM/EVE Friday PM at The Shard


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NHS Base:

St Bartholomew's Hospital