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The Synthes Rib Matrix has transformed the recovery from broken ribs. Typically, people suffer from broken ribs as a result of falls, road accidents, horse-riding accidents and sports injuries. Treatment previously available for broken ribs involved strapping the ribs up and taking painkillers whilst the ribs were healing, which used to often take weeks or even months.

However, London Bridge Hospital now has the technology to stabilise the rib fracture, pulling the ribs back into place and relieving the pain immediately. Instead of leaving ribs to heal by themselves, during the Synthes Rib Matrix surgical procedure, the tailor-made metal plates are pinned to the broken bones to help speed up the healing process and alleviate pain.

During the operation, the Consultant surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a titanium metal plate, which is sculpted to fit the anatomical contours of the ribcage. The plate and broken rib are attached together to hold the bones in place. Within 24-48 hours after the operation, patients are more comfortable, are in much better shape and are usually only in hospital for two or three days following the procedure.

The Synthes Rib Matrix is performed by Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Mr Tom Routledge. For further information or to book an appointment, please call the GP Liaison Department on 020 7234 2009.