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General News

Keep up to date with London Bridge Hospital's recent news about our hospital, new services and new Consultants.


HCA Healthcare UK invests £50m in new cancer centres opening in Southwark and Chelsea.

Launch of the UK’s first integrated robotics theatre will advance high-quality cancer treatment in the capital.

Road Closures in the London Bridge area, Monday 10th April

07 April 2017

For all patients coming to London Bridge Hospital on Monday 10th April there will be significant road closures in the area during the funeral of PC Keith Palmer. Please check your route before coming to the hospital.

London Bridge Hospital rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC

09 February 2017

London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, has been rated outstanding by national regulators the Care Quality Commission.

Mr Ian McDermott from London Sports Orthopaedics awarded ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Vivostat

23 November 2016

Mr Ian McDermott, Specialist Knee Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital and Managing Partner of London Sports Orthopaedics, has been awarded ‘Centre of Excellence status by Viviostat for the use of biological glues in knees.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon explains the possible injuries in football

Are you playing football now that the season has started? Football Injuries can happen to any part of the body even the most unlikely parts you wouldn’t expect. Mr Mark Phillips from London Sports Orthopaedics explains hand injuries in football.

Revamped Outpatients Centre opens at Docklands

06 October 2016

HCA Healthcare UK’s outpatients centre in the heart of Canary Wharf has reopened this week after renovation and expansion work to better cater for local office workers. HCA Healthcare UK at Docklands, operated by London Bridge Hospital, is designed to provide local office workers with convenient and speedy access to high-quality care and treatments.

Fertility Services now available at The Shard

09 September 2016

Renowned Lister Fertility Clinic, part of HCA Healthcare UK, brings services to convenient location at London Bridge. Patients to benefit from central location, good transport links and state of the art surroundings

HCA Healthcare UK named ‘International Cancer Centre of the Year 2016’

HCA Healthcare UK’s treatment and care of cancer patients has been recognised on the world stage, being named the ‘International Cancer Centre of the Year 2016’ at an awards ceremony in Madrid.

London Bridge Hospital to offer NanoKnife (Irreversible Electroporation) treatment to Pancreatic and Liver Cancer patients

London Bridge Hospital has become the second private hospital in the UK to offer a new type of treatment for liver and pancreatic tumours.

HCA Healthcare UK’s Professor Graham Hughes honoured with clinic in Portugal

06 July 2016

On Thursday 23rd June, a new clinic for lupus and Hughes Syndrome patients was opened in honour of Professor Graham Hughes Head of The London Lupus Centre at London Bridge Hospital (part of HCA Healthcare UK).

Shape up for summer with free men’s health clinic

09 June 2016

HCA Healthcare UK hosts men’s health seminar to help bust common myths about training and offers free advice and tips on how to get fit in time for summer.

Ovarian cancer largely misdiagnosed

Consultant Gynaecologist explains how increased awareness of the disease is vital for improving diagnosis and survival rates

Exercise high on the agenda for commuters but sleep takes a back seat

New research from HCA at The Shard reveals London’s commuters biggest health problems New research from HCA at The Shard, has shown that whilst exercise is high on the agenda for London’s commuters over half (51%) are prone to sports injuries and two thirds 68%) suffer from sleeping problems.

Make it to the finish line with our top tips

29 March 2016

Many of the 38,000 participants expected to participate this year will be running their first ever marathon. To support marathon runners this year, London Bridge Hospital offers the following advice to participants.

CTFFR HeartFlow heart disease treatment available at London Bridge Hospital

04 February 2016

A new non-invasive treatment for heart disease is now available at London Bridge Hospital and has changed the way cardiologists are able to analyse the impact of blockages on blood flow.

HCA Healthcare UK opens new Outpatients and Diagnostics Centre in The Shard

01 February 2016

HCA Healthcare UK has today opened its new medical outpatient centre in The Shard. HCA at the Shard offers quick, convenient and flexible access to world-class healthcare in one of the capital’s main transport hubs of London Bridge.

Stem Cell Transplantation available for Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders at London Bridge Hospital

19 January 2016

There is increasing interest in treatments that can reset the immune system such as Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). The HSCT team at London Bridge Hospital are pleased to be able to offer HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders. Led by Dr Majid Kazmi who has performed the greatest number of these transplants in the UK we have a dedicated multidisciplinary team that can ensure you are cared for every step of the way.

Custom Made Knee Event- My patient has Osteoarthritis of the knee and requires surgery. What should I tell them?

Continued education of primary healthcare professionals is important not only to improve their knowledge of disease, but to help their patients understand the wide range of options for their condition.

Arthritis of the knee is no exception, and with incredible surgical advancements, London Bridge Hospital is seeing fantastic results with bespoke joint replacements, suitable for some patients with arthritis of the knee.

Hotel Services Team at London Bridge Hospital receives Hospitality Assured accreditation

London Bridge Hospital successfully achieved accreditation at our first assessment, with a score of 66.8%.

Housekeeping department awarded British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSs) accredited training organisation

30 September 2015

Our housekeeping department has been awarded an accreditation to become a British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSs) Accredited Training Organisation. This means we can now deliver our own accredited and certified training to the Housekeeping team!

Look after your ears and they will look after you

15 September 2015

London Bridge Hospital Consultant ENT surgeon – Nick Eynon-Lewis was asked to appear on ITV’s This Morning to discuss ear health.

Revolution in the treatment of hepatitis C

14 September 2015

New single tablet cures up to 97 per cent of hepatitis C virus cases with minimal side effects. Dr Graham Foster, Consultant Hepatologist at London Bridge Hospital, has helped develop the medication treatment alongside colleagues Dr Phil Harrison, Dr Terence Wong, and Dr Kosh Agarwal at London Bridge Hospital.

When heartburn becomes a serious problem

13 September 2015

A new minimally-invasive treatment is changing the way patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus are treated.

London Bridge Hospital awarded five star rating for food hygiene

27 August 2015

Following an inspection from the Southwark Council Environmental health officer in July, we are pleased to announce that London Bridge Hospital has been awarded a five star rating for food hygiene for the second consecutive year running.

More than two-thirds of City Workers ignore health issues due to work demands

23 July 2015

83 per cent of City Workers find it hard to prioritise health while demand for physiotherapy, cardiac, and psychology services soars as pressure of work takes its toll.

‘Spectacular’ breakthrough in skin cancer treatment

08 July 2015

Cancer scientists say they have achieved ‘spectacular’ results from trials on a new class of drugs. London Bridge Hospital’s, Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr Mark Harries interviews with Channel 5 News.

Medtronic Linq

08 June 2015

The City of London Medical Centre has launched a new service in the last six months – the implantable Medtronic Linq device. This device can help diagnose patients experiencing infrequent palpitations, Atrial Fibrillation (AF), ‘funny turns’, blackouts or syncope.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre Expands its Facilities and Services with £1.4m Refurbishment

27 April 2015

Sevenoaks Medical Centre is currently undergoing an impressive £1.4m refurbishment and expansion that will bring world-class facilities straight to the heart of the Sevenoaks community. The refurbishment will include state of the art equipment and services without having to travel to central London to benefit from the best of private healthcare.

London Bridge Hospital awarded with MacMillan Accreditation

20 April 2015

We are pleased to announce that in March 2015, London Bridge Hospital was awarded with a MacMillan accreditation!

Non-invasive treatment for Barrett’s oesophagus now available at London Bridge Hospital

14 April 2015

Barrett’s oesophagus is a pre-cancerous condition associated with Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and central obesity. Led by Dr Jason Dunn, Consultant Gastroenterologist, a non-invasive treatment for Barrett’s oesophagus is new service available at London Bridge Hospital.

London Bridge Hospital launches Sleep Centre

09 April 2015

London Bridge Hospital has a dedicated Sleep Centre to provide diagnostic observations and subsequent treatment for those patients who may be suffering from symptoms of a sleep disorder.

London Bridge Hospital Endoscopy Department awarded JAG accreditation

We are pleased to announce that in January 2015, London Bridge Hospital Endoscopy Department were awarded JAG accreditation! JAG is an accreditation programme which ensures the quality and safety of patient care by defining and maintaining the standards by which endoscopy is practised with quality and safety assurance.

New perioperative medicine pre-assessment clinic at London Bridge Hospital

02 February 2015

The London AF Centre has a fully justified reputation for second-to-none clinical outcomes. The perioperative medicine input Dr O’Brien provides supports those excellent results and as a well-established and experienced team, Professor Schilling and Dr O’Brien prioritise an additional focus on safety and an optimal patient experience.

January highlights Action Against Heartburn month

20 January 2015

Mr James Gossage and Mr Andrew Davies, Consultants General Surgeons at London Bridge Hospital reveal how heartburn can lead to cancer deaths if left untreated.

Introducing the latest London Bridge Hospital Referrers Guide 2015

Our Referrers Guide is designed to provide GPs with the latest information about the services available at London Bridge Hospital and provides full practice details and information on our regular referring Consultants.

The secret to staying injury free this skiing season, revealed by experts

London Bridge Hospital experts, Consultant Specialist Knee Surgeon, Mr Adil Ajuied and Consultant Knee Surgeon, Mr James Bliss treat some of the most chronic injuries following a skiing incident, who can each offer advice on how to avoid injuries that can ruin your holiday and impact on your quality of life.

New dietetic survivorship service

The Dietetic Department are now launching a dietetic survivorship service to help ensure that people receive the nutritional care they require following the completion of their cancer treatment.

Mouth Cancer Becoming More Common in ‘Lower Risk’ Groups

01 October 2014

The beginning of November kicks off Mouth Cancer Action Month, the charity campaign that aims to raise awareness of and save lives caused by mouth cancer.

City of London Medical Centre backs campaign to save lives through earlier diagnosis of oesophageal cancer

27 October 2014

The newly established One Stop Surgical Clinic at the City of London Medical Centre will be supporting the Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Campaign, an initiative set up to help save lives through earlier diagnosis.

HCA wins twice at major industry awards

13 October 2014

We’re delighted to announce that HCA was awarded two top prizes at the Laing Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards.

Important Information: Ebola outbreak in West Africa

10 October 2014

There have been ongoing reports in the media on the Ebola virus currently impacting populations in West Africa. The health and wellbeing of all patients, staff and members of the public is HCA International’s highest priority.

London Bridge Hospital launches innovative non-surgical obesity therapy

09 October 2014

The London Obesity Practice at the London Bridge Hospital is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative obesity therapy aimed at patients with a BMI of 30+. The therapy focuses on healthy eating habits and portion control and consists of 2 parts.

HCA gives $1 million in aid for Ebola response to CDC foundation

29 September 2014

HCA and the CDC Foundation announced today a $1 million cash donation by HCA to the CDC Foundation to help support international Ebola epidemic response efforts involving the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and their work with partners on the ground in West Africa.

London Bridge Hospital receives the Investors in People Gold Awards

16 September 2014

Being accredited with this award at a time of constant challenge is a big achievement and it is a clear reflection of the importance that all staff members place on learning and development and its contribution to our patients.

London Bridge Hospital to host first ever Twitter ‘Q&A’

London Bridge Hospital is to host it’s first ever Twitter ‘Q&A,’ giving you the chance to ask questions, or for hints and tips from a specialist.

London Bridge Hospital receives top hygiene rating from Environmental Health Officer

The London Bridge Hospital catering department has received a top rating for hygiene, following a recent inspection by the Environmental Health Officer.

London Bridge Hospital excels in insurance company patient review

London Bridge Hospital has excelled in a patient satisfaction review by private health insurance company BUPA, with 99% of patients describing their care as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, the highest within the HCA group.

HCA wins ‘IT Innovator of the Year’ Award

HCA is very pleased to announce that it has recently picked up the HealthInvestor Award for ‘IT Innovator of the Year.’ The award marks the third success in as many years. In 2013, HCA won ‘Public/Private Partnership of the Year’ and in 2012 the company won ‘Private Hospital Group of the Year.’

Pounds for pampering: Therapy evening raises over £400 for charity

London Bridge Hospital has raised over £400 for its charity of the year, Connect, by hosting a therapy evening for all staff

Hughes Syndrome: Little-known disease more common than Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

This month (May) is Hughes Syndrome Awareness Month. A virtually unknown, but widespread condition. Also known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) or ‘sticky blood’, Hughes Syndrome affects around 1% of the population, making it more common than Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, offering an explanation for numerous medical symptoms that may otherwise go unresolved.

Professor Graham Hughes, Consultant Rehumatologist and head of the London Lupus Centre at London Bridge Hospital discovered the syndrome 30 years ago, and believes that the condition, which can affect every organ in the body, all too often goes undetected, but could be easily treated in many cases.

London Bridge Hospital marks Hughes Syndrome Awareness Month

May 2014 marks the arrival of Hughes Syndrome Awareness Month, a time when medical professionals seek to raise awareness of the autoimmune disease that affects around 600,000 people in the UK. Discovered by Professor Graham Hughes, leading Consultant Rheumatologist, and head of the London Lupus Centre at London Bridge Hospital just over 30 years ago, the disease affects any vein, artery or organ in the body.

London Bridge Hospital launches new dietetics service to manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in women, affecting between 6 and 21% of the female population. A lifelong condition, PCOS is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as menstrual dysfunction, hirsutism, infertility and depression.

The dietetics department has launched a new service to help women manage the symptoms and side effects through diet and weight loss. Robyn Coetzee, Specialist Dietitian offers advice on why diet is so important for PCOS sufferers.

HCA wins Queen’s Award for contribution to international trade

HCA has once again been honoured with one of the highest awards for British business, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, for outstanding achievement in investment and growth of overseas business.

London Bridge Hospital pilots ERAS protocol

London Bridge Hospital is pleased to announce that it is the first of the HCA group tp implement the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol. Currently being piloted with colorectal surgery patients, ERAS is an evidence-based perioperative care protocol developed by the ERAS society.

The protocol describes the care pathway with recommendations for patient care at each of the stages in the operative process: preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively.

Competition and markets authority ruling undermines quality healthcare in London

In response to the final report published today by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) - formerly the Competition Commission - HCA International provided the following response:

London Bridge Hospital cardiologist appointed as lead for clinical cardiovascular research at brand new cardiovascular centre

28 January 2014

London Bridge Hospital Consultant Cardiologist Professor Richard Schilling, has been appointed as the lead for clinical cardiovascular research, at a newly proposed cardiovascular centre at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

HCA to fight Competition Commission Hospital sale ruling

HCA International strongly contests Competition Commission (CC) plans to force sale of London Bridge Hospital and The Princess Grace Hospital, two of its world-class Hospitals, released today following their examination of the private hospitals market.

London Bridge Hospital Launches New Ski Injury Clinics

Skiers and snowboarders know how easy it is to sustain an injury on the slopes. However, if a minor injury isn’t properly diagnosed and treated immediately, it could become a major problem on the return home.

London Bridge Hospital opens new outpatient centre at 120 Old Broad Street

London Bridge Hospital is proud to announce the opening of a new outpatient treatment centre in the City. The purpose-built facility at 120 Old Broad Street is London Bridge Hospital’s fifth outpatient centre, offering patients rapid access to London Bridge Hospital’s network of world-leading Consultants.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month: Combatting the ‘Silent Cancer’

The 1st of November marks Pancreatic Cancer Action Day, the official start of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Affecting over 8,000 people in the UK each year, Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest incident-to-mortality rates of any disease. However, despite its prevalence, its symptoms remain poorly understood, often left undetected until the condition becomes too advanced to receive the most effective treatment.

London Bridge Hospital introduces ‘Precision Prostate Diagnostics’ to determine individual risk in each patient

London Bridge Hospital is continually developing its medical offering and is proud to introduce its latest service - “Precision Prostate Diagnostics” assessment, which is set to improve the pathway for diagnosing prostate cancer by determining individual risk and specifically identifying who most needs a biopsy or who can be safely reassured.

Enhanced Convenience For Physiotherapists: London Bridge Hospital streamlines access to consultant appointments with new dedicated appointment line

London Bridge Hospital’s renowned GP Liaison team unveil a NEW dedicated physiotherapy appointment line, streamlining the referral process for a fast and convenient service.

Cholesterol Awareness Week: Sustainable lifestyle changes key to lowering cholesterol levels

October 14th marks the start of National Cholesterol Week, a nationwide initiative that aims to raise awareness of both the causes and effects of high cholesterol. In the UK, three in every five people are affected by high cholesterol, a worrying figure when you consider that half of all heart attacks are caused by raised cholesterol levels.

Competition appeal tribunal finds delayed competition commission process in breach of the rules of natural justice.

09 October 2013

The Competition Commission has been found to have unfairly blocked private hospital groups from defending themselves. Yesterday (Wednesday 2 Oct, 2013) a Competition Appeals Tribunal hearing, upheld a complaint by BMI Healthcare backed by HCA and Spire.

The London Breast Centre: A ‘one stop’ destination for Breast Care

The London Breast Centre at London Bridge Hospital offers rapid advice, diagnosis and treatment, drawing on the expertise of some of the country’s leading breast units.

Offering a ‘one-stop’ approach’, The London Breast Centre provides a convenient, fast and professional destination for those seekingscreening, diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, including breast reconstruction, all in one location.

London Bridge Hospital establishes Diabetic Foot Clinic to tackle debilitating Neuropathy side effects

London Bridge Hospital have launched their specialist Diabetic Foot Clinic. Run by a world-class multidisciplinary team, the new offering will provide a comprehensive one-stop service for patients experiencing diabetic foot complications.

London Bridge Hospital upgrades state-of-the-art gym to boost Physiotherapy capabilities

London Bridge Hospital has continued its dedication in providing the latest equipment for patients by investing £40,000 in brand new equipment for the Physiotherapy gymnasium. The new additions from the Technogym range of highly-specialist equipment, will facilitate patient rehabilitation and accelerate patient recovery.

London Bridge Hospital presents new 3T MRI Scanner at 31 Old Broad Street

London Bridge Hospital is proud to offer the latest in MRI technology, with the introduction of the new Siemens 3 Tesla (3T) Magnetom Skyra Scanner, providing patients with the highest quality scans.

London Bridge Hospital unveils Cancer Treatment Suite in association with Leaders in Oncology Care

London Bridge Hospital has unveiled its new Cancer Treatment Suite. Located at 29 Tooley Street, the major refurbishment sees the hospital partner with the Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) group to provide a fully equipped facility for patients undergoing systematic anti-cancer treatments.

Fair Processing information for patients treated and discharged in 2012

11 September 2013

On 10 May 2013, the Secretary of State for Health gave permission to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN), of which this hospital is a member, to conduct a pilot exercise to evaluate the potential benefits of linking records of private treatment to records of any subsequent NHS treatment. The exercise is expected to demonstrate potentially important improvements to the measurement and management of clinical quality, to facilitate enhanced regulation of the private healthcare industry, and to provide better information to support patients’ choices. The exercise will look for any instances where patients in private hospitals subsequently needed unplanned care in an NHS hospital.

HCA responds to Competition Commission provisional findings

28 August 2013

The Competition Commission (CC) today (28th August 2013) published a series of Provisional Findings and Possible Remedies on the private healthcare market. Overall, HCA welcomes transparency in consultant incentives and provision of comparable quality information. However HCA is disappointed that quality of clinical care and investment in innovation seems to have been ignored by the Competition Commission.

HCA wins Health Investor Award for Public/Private Partnership

18 June 2013

HCA NHS Ventures, a division of HCA International Limited, which owns London’s six leading independent hospitals including London Bridge Hospital, has won the prestigious 2013 HealthInvestor Award for ‘Public/Private Partnership of the Year’.

HCA is declared “one of the world’s most ethical companies”

12 March 2013

The Ethisphere Institute, the New York based international think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility and anti-corruption, has voted HCA as one of the world’s most ethical companies for the fourth year running.

London Bridge Hospital announce revolutionary blood test

PLAC (LpPLA2), a revolutionary blood test that can indicate a patient’s risk of developing heart disease and/or experiencing a stroke has been introduced for the first time in the UK at London Bridge Hospital, the world renowned centre of excellence in private healthcare.

London Bridge Orthopaedics establishes centre of excellence at London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital today announces the launch of London Bridge Orthopaedics, offering rapid assessment, specialist consulting and treatment for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

HCA International wins second prestigious industry award

20 September 2012

HCA is the winner of the Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Award, Laing’s Healthcare 20. HCA International Limited, which owns London’s six leading private hospitals, has won the prestigious 2012 Laing & Buisson, ‘Laing’s Healthcare 20’ award – the second major award for the group in four months.

London Bridge Hospital consultant, Dr Jonathan Rees, played a key role at London 2012

14 September 2012

One of Britain’s leading musculoskeletal specialists helped competitors ‘go for gold!’

Iris Scanning - Positive ID in the blink of an eye

10 April 2012

To make identification quicker and easier when you start your journey with London Bridge Hospital we have now introduced iris scanning when you register for your initial appointment.

The iris is the coloured ring in the eye, and is more unique than a fingerprint. The software takes pattern data from the digital picture and uses the pattern to recognise the individual. This type of scanning is completely safe – the camera takes a digital picture of the iris using low power LED lighting and has no flash, no lasers or other harmful light sources.

Your first scan may take a few moments as the camera takes a continuous video to get a picture that is clear and in focus. After the initial scan, the iris identification system accurately retrieves a record in seconds.

HCA International latest advice for patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements

11 July 2012

The safety and comfort of our patients is HCA’s primary concern.

You may have recently read about the advice to patients who have received metal-on-metal hip replacements regarding regular monitoring, irrespective of being symptomatic.

We would advise all patients who believe they have had this type of prosthesis implant at a HCA Hospital to visit their GP if they are not already under the care of a specialist.

Any patient with concerns can also call the HCA Connect helpline number 020 7079 4344 for information and advice.

HCA International Limited appoints new Chief Financial Officer

13 June 2012

HCA International Limited has appointed John Bugos as its new Chief Financial Officer with effect from 1st July.

HCA wins HealthInvestor Award for Private Hospital Group of the Year 2012

07 June 2012

HCA wins HealthInvestor Award for Private Hospital Group of the Year 2012

HCA International Limited, which owns London’s six leading independent hospitals, has won the prestigious 2012 HealthInvestor Award for ‘Private Hospital Group of the Year’.

London Bridge Hospital charity Pub Quiz raises over £600 for Connect

01 June 2012

Members of staff from London Bridge Hospital took part in a charity pub quiz to raise money for Connect, a local charity who work with people with aphasia. Participants from London Bridge Hospital and Connect formed 11 teams and competed to be crowned champions whilst raising £631 for the charity at the event.

London Bridge Hospital launches iPhone app

04 April 2012

London Bridge Hospital has developed a special iPhone app for patients, GPs and cross-referring Consultants, which helps them quickly choose a specialist and book an appointment for a consultation, diagnostic services, or for treatment.

London Bridge Hospital opens its new and expanded Critical Care Unit

02 April 2012

London Bridge Hospital has opened its new and expanded Critical Care Unit. The new unit now has 18 beds, of which 10 are in single rooms. This makes the hospital the largest private critical care provider between the South bank of The Thames and the South East of England, including Kent and East and West Sussex.

HCA International latest advice for patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements.

London – 1 March 2012: The safety and comfort of our patients is our primary concern. The latest advice from the expert advisory group set up by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to supervise the ongoing care of patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements is that these patients should be monitored annually for the life of the hip replacement. This is because there is a small risk of some patients suffering complications with this type of implant.

New Hybrid Cardio-Vascular Laboratory is first in the private sector

London Bridge Hospital, one of the UK’s largest and leading private hospitals has become the first in the country to open a specially equipped Hybrid laboratory.

Patient Feedback Results for London Bridge Hospital

20 February 2012

London Bridge Hospital publishes the results of patient feedback for 2011. We are proud of our patient care and work hard to make each patient’s time with us as pleasant as possible. Our patient survey is an important indicator of how well we achieve this and we monitor the results very closely.

HCA Hospitals achieve record high levels of patient satisfaction during 2011

10 February 2012

HCA Hospitals achieve record high levels of patient satisfaction during 2011 - over 99% rate overall quality of care as good or better.

London Bridge Hospital takes part in a fundraiser event for Thai Orphanage regeneration programme

17 January 2012

Kurt Thomson, one of London Bridge Hospital’s Radiographers recently organised a charity event to help raise money for the Phaya Thai Babies Home in Bangkok. Kurt will be travelling to Thailand to volunteer at the orphanage, which was affected by the recent floods and he has been raising money to help fund the regeneration of the home following the destruction.

London Bridge Hospital takes to The Ship for charity pub quiz for Connect

08 January 2012

Staff members from London Bridge Hospital visited local pub, The Ship, to take part in a quiz to raise money for Connect, a charity that works with people with aphasia. Participants from London Bridge Hospital and Connect formed eight teams and competed to be crowned champions whilst raising £500 for the charity at the event.

Connect was selected as a charity that London Bridge Hospital has supported throughout 2011, as a part of the hospital’s Supporting Local Charities Campaign. Connect supports people living with aphasia, a communication disability which can occur after a stroke.

Specialists at London Bridge Hospital develop a new life saving blood test

05 January 2012

A team of specialists at London Bridge Hospital have become the first in the UK to offer a new test to identify patients at risk of complications following heart surgery.

More than 120,000 people undergo coronary artery procedures each year including heart surgery and angioplasty - where a tiny balloon is inserted into the blocked artery to clear it.

The Pink Buddies’ Autumn Lunch

22 August 2011

Former breast cancer patients at London Bridge Hospital, known as the “Pink Buddies” are organising a charity lunch to raise vital funds for younger women diagnosed with the disease.

Breast cancer is the number one cancer amongst young women in the UK. It will affect over 2000 women under the age of 40 each year. Such low numbers mean that the experience can be particularly isolating and distressing for these young women. They have very specific needs, such as help finding information about fertility, dealing with a young family whilst undergoing treatment and dealing with the devastating loss of femininity on such a young body.

The Haven provides, completely free of charge, a wide range of therapies which help people to deal with the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer. Pink Buddies counts a number of young women amongst its volunteers, and the group decided that The Haven should be a key focus for fundraising.

Rib fracture matrix - heals ribs fast

A ground-breaking surgical treatment to repair broken ribs, the Synthes Rib Matrix is now available at London Bridge Hospital. The procedure has transformed the recovery from broken ribs, which historically consisted of strapping fractured ribs up and taking pain killers whilst they were healing, a process which could take weeks or even months.

World-Class Cardiac Services at London Bridge Hospital

16 May 2011

At London Bridge Hospital we provide a wide range of diagnostics and treatments for cardiac patients. Our cardiac services are recognised nationally and internationally for clinical expertise, rapid assessment and customised care, incorporating various specialist units, catheter labs and theatres.

Operating on an integrated basis, our highly skilled team facilitate a range of cardiac services, which have now expanded to include Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), a relatively new treatment option for patients with severe aortic stenosis.

HCA wins two Top Employers in Healthcare awards

06 July 2010

London’s leading hospital group is judged the UK’s leading non NHS healthcare employer

HCA International, which owns London’s six leading private hospitals, has won two national ‘Top Employers in Healthcare’ awards in the prestigious Nursing Times and Health Service Journals’ recognising the company as the nation’s best private healthcare employer.

Breast Cancer Survivors Host Fundraising Ball

25 March 2010

Former breast cancer patients at London Bridge Hospital, known as the “Pink Buddies” are organising a charity ball to raise vital funds for younger women diagnosed with the disease.

Breast cancer is the number one cancer amongst young women in the UK. It will affect over 2000 women under the age of 40 each year. Such low numbers mean that the experience can be particularly isolating and distressing for these young women. They have very specific needs, such as help finding information about fertility, dealing with a young family whilst undergoing treatment and dealing with the devastating loss of femininity on such a young body.

The Lavender Trust helps young women in particular to maintain a positive body image and lifestyle, key issues for all women dealing with breast cancer. Pink Buddies counts a number of young women amongst its volunteers, and the group decided that The Lavender Trust should be a key focus for fundraising over the next three years.

HCA hospitals pioneer revolutionary real time hygiene auditing system

26 February 2010

HCA’s six leading independent hospitals in central London have all been awarded the top five star status for cleanliness and safety in the first UK survey by the revolutionary electronic Quality Inspection Tool, e-QIT.

Hughes Syndrome and Preventing Miscarriages

23 February 2010

Professor Hughes talks to BBC News about Hughes Syndrome and the prevention of Miscarriages.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

02 November 2009

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) is a new procedure that has been introduced at London Bridge Hospital which can be used as an alternative to standard surgical aortic valve replacement. The procedure is performed on the beating heart without the need for a sternotomy (an incision in the centre of the chest) or cardiopulmonary bypass (takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery)

HCA International win four Laing and Buisson awards

06 October 2009

HCA International, which owns London’s six leading private hospitals (including the London Bridge Hospital), has won four major awards at the annual Laing and Buisson Independent Healthcare Awards on Tuesday 22nd September 2009. These awards are presented for outstanding achievement in the Independent Sector provider