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Minimal Access Spine Surgery

18 February 2009

The aim of minimal access spinal surgery (MASS) is the reduction of 'collateral damage' to muscles, ligaments and soft tissue associated with traditional spinal surgery whilst obtaining the same clinical outcomes of traditional open procedures. The technique has been developed to complement minimal invasive spinal surgery (MISS) as the latter does not allow for direct visualisation of the spine. In that regard these two techniques DO NOT alter the indications or goals of surgery.

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Unique Implant Surgery for the Profoundly Deaf

12 February 2009

London Bridge Hospital has developed a new service using the latest hearing implant technology for patients with the most profound hearing loss.

The new Otology service, which doctors claim is unique in the private sector, is now seeing patients with every form of hearing problem including those who cannot hear even with the best hearing aids available today.