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CTFFR HeartFlow heart disease treatment available at London Bridge Hospital

04 February 2016

A new non-invasive treatment for heart disease is now available at London Bridge Hospital and has changed the way cardiologists are able to analyse the impact of blockages on blood flow.  

CT-FFR, launched by American company HeartFlow Inc. is a revolutionary new procedure, which is the first of its kind to provide an accurate assessment of cardiac health without the need for invasive treatment. The HeartFlow analysis is intended to support the functional evaluation of coronary artery disease in patients with stable chest pain. 
Coronary artery disease (CAD) can cause the arteries leading to your heart to be narrowed, or pinched, which can dangerously affect blood flow and the functioning of your heart. When diagnosing CAD, physicians rely on many tools. Today, the HeartFlow Analysis is the only non-invasive tool that can help your doctor to determine both the extent of an artery’s narrowing and any impact it may have on the functioning of the heart.
Previously, patients will have received a CT scan followed by an invasive FFR, whereby a tube is inserted into the leg or wrist sending a wire down the coronary artery. Pressure tests taken before and after the FFR determine whether interventions such as surgery or an angiogram are required. 
The CT-FFR procedure differs in that the information generated in the CT scan is transferred, via cloud technology, to the HeartFlow team, who are able to analyse the data and create a personalised 3D model of the heart and arteries. From there, algorithms are created to assess the impact of blockages on blood flow. The result of this is a colour-coded picture that is used to determine further treatment, which is sent to London Bridge Hospital within 24 hours. 
Dr Cliff Bucknall, Consultant Cardiologist has welcomed the new treatment, stating “Previously, we would not have been able to assess the need for an intervention without the FFR. However, the CT-FFR technology enables us to provide an accurate and rapid assessment without the need for invasive measures”. 
This position is supported by statistics from the US, which have found that since introducing the CT-FFR, 61 per cent of patients have avoided an invasive angiogram with an 83 per cent reduction in unnecessary angiograms.
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