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Custom Made Knee Event- My patient has Osteoarthritis of the knee and requires surgery. What should I tell them?

Continued education of primary healthcare professionals is important not only to improve their knowledge of disease, but to help their patients understand the wide range of options for their condition. 

Arthritis of the knee is no exception, and with incredible surgical advancements, London Bridge Hospital is seeing fantastic results with bespoke joint replacements, suitable for some patients with arthritis of the knee. 

Through CT scanning, custom-made knees match not just the size, but also the exact shape and contours of the patient’s own knee. Because the contours match better, the artificial knee moves and feels more like a normal knee, which is leading to better outcomes, with better function and happier patients.

London Bridge Hospital is delighted to host the first Custom Made Knee Meeting on Saturday 28th November at nearby Glazier’s Hall. The event is a one of a kind opportunity for General Practitioners, Physiotherapists and other MSK health professionals, to learn about the latest technologies and techniques in knee replacement surgery as well as the benefits of custom-made implants. 

The four presenters are Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and partners of London Sports Orthopaedics, one of the UK’s top private Orthopaedic practices, based at 31 Old Broad Street, in The City, and at London Bridge Hospital.
Mr Ian McDermott, London Sports Orthopaedics’ Managing Partner, is one of the UK’s pioneering surgeons in the field of ‘Biological Knee Reconstruction’. Mr McDermott will chair the Custom Made Knee Meeting and present in his usual captivating style, sharing his passion for knees and his wealth of experience in this specialist field.  

Mr Paul Culpan, Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon, will discuss knee arthritis in detail, and outline some of the issues encountered with standard knee replacements. 

Mr Paul Jairaj, Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon, will show exactly how the technology behind the Custom made knee works. 

Mr Henry Atkinson, Consultant Lower Limb Surgeon, will then share with you the latest outcomes and results, including case studies of patients who now have a custom made knee. 

One thing to note, in older patients and for people whose knees are simply too badly damaged or arthritic, artificial joint replacement surgery is often the only feasible option. However, for those patients who require knee replacements (but are still relatively young and active, with high functional demand) Mr McDermott says “For minimal extra cost we are seeing far happier patients with significantly better outcomes”. 

Why not come along and find out more? If you are a GP, Physiotherapist, or a health professional working in Orthopaedics, reserve your place now

The event is kindly supported by Conformis, Game Ready and Vivostat.