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Enhanced Convenience For Physiotherapists: London Bridge Hospital streamlines access to consultant appointments with new dedicated appointment line

The dedicated GP Liaison team consistently liaise with consultants, secretaries, health professionals and patients alike to provide a bespoke service, organising timely, convenient consultant appointments at London Bridge Hospital and its satellite centres. However, the NEW bespoke email and phone line takes will seek to take this service to a new level, enabling physiotherapists from across Greater London to refer patients for an appointment with a consultant in one simple step.

Fiona Bell Physiotherapy Liaison Officer at London Bridge Hospital explains; “We are delighted to be offering this new dedicated appointment line to ALL physiotherapists in the Greater London area. We hope that this new smooth process will provide physiotherapists with a convenient method of referral, reducing the amount of time they need to spend on referring patients to orthopaedic, sports medicine and rheumatology consultants.”

Fiona adds; “London Bridge Hospital is committed to delivering an integrated approach to treatment and this streamlined process will help to bring physiotherapists and consultants together in one easy interaction, ensuring the very best in patient care can be provided.”

In a continued effort to support physiotherapists across the city, London Bridge Hospital are pleased to offer the additional opportunity to connect with consultants directly in the form of monthly education seminars. A full list of these Physiotherapy Masterclasses can be viewed here: http://www.gpseminar.co.uk/physiotherapy-seminar-forthcoming