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New MRI scanner- the first of it’s kind in the UK

06 April 2009

London Bridge Hospital is proud to introduce the newest addition to the London Bridge Hospital Group MRI Services. The Siemens Essenza 1.5T magnet, which is worth £457,500, will compliment the four existing scanners within the London Bridge group and will allow the hospital to offer unrivalled access to MRI services in London.

The scanner is a short bore 1.5T magnet which can be used to image the entire body.  The Essenza at London Bridge Hospital is the first scanner of its kind in the UK.  It is a patient friendly design, with a wider and shorter magnet structure.  This feature will make the scanning process much less frightening for patients with claustrophobia as, in many cases, the patient’s head will be outside the magnet bore. 

The scanner is equipped with the most up-to-date Siemens technology, which allows the operator to image areas such as the entire spine without having to reposition the patient, therefore reducing both scan time and potential discomfort.

This scanner is the fifth scanner within the London Bridge Hospital Group MRI service.  The aim of this service is to allow us to offer rapid access to MRI scanning within the group, with same day appointments available in many cases.

LBH MRI service comprises of London Bridge Hospital with two scanners, 31 Old Broad Street, also with two scanners and Docklands Healthcare with one scanner.  All the scanners in the Group MRI services will use the same centralised booking service which allows booking staff to access all MRI scanners and offer clients the fastest service possible.  

The reporting service is provided only by specialised MRI Consultant Radiologists with sub speciality division of the work so that all reports are by a specialist in the area, be it Neurological, Musculoskeletal or Abdominal for example.