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London Bridge Hospital establishes Diabetic Foot Clinic to tackle debilitating Neuropathy side effects

Diabetes is a condition that affects over 3 million people in the UK and is caused when the pancreas either doesn’t produce enough insulin to help glucose enter the body’s cells, or the insulin produced doesn’t work correctly. Neuropathy (or nerve damage) is a long-term complication of Diabetes and often affects the lower leg, making it difficult to detect foot problems such as ulcers, until it’s too late. Poor circulation caused by narrow arteries can make the healing process longer, this leaves wounds vulnerable to infection and if ulcers become infected, the result can be amputation.
In the UK, more than 125 amputations are carried out each week as a result of Diabetes, shockingly 80% of these could have been prevented. These statistics highlight the need for enhanced attention around this debilitating side effect of the disease.
Addressing this need for greater awareness, London Bridge Hospital have launched their specialist Diabetic Foot Clinic. Run by a world-class multidisciplinary team, the new offering will provide a comprehensive one-stop service for patients experiencing diabetic foot complications.
The clinic incorporates the following elements in the diagnosis of foot and leg issues for Diabetic patients:
  •          A Duplex scan of the leg’s circulation
  •          Blood tests to assess general fitness
  •          Depending on outcome, a visit to a podiatrist, orthopaedic consultant or cardiologist is arranged
  •          Outpatient wound care
  •         Specialist clinical assessment
For those in need of treatment, the following options can be assessed:
  •       Follow up at outpatient vascular or orthopaedic clinics
  •       Management of open wounds, including skin grafts, if needed
  •       Radiology intervention, or open surgical intervention where needed to treat circulation problems
 Primarily functioning as an outpatient clinic, the integrated nature of the hospital means that for those requiring further intervention in the form of inpatient procedures, everything can be handled on site with patients scheduled in for first class wound care treatment from leading Consultants, and delivered a private room to avoid cross-infection.
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For more information on the Diabetic Foot Clinic visit:
www.londonbridgehospital.com or call 0844 800 0696.