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London Bridge Hospital launches iPhone app

04 April 2012

London Bridge Hospital has developed a special iPhone app for patients, GPs and cross-referring Consultants, which helps them quickly choose a specialist and book an appointment for a consultation, diagnostic services, or for treatment.

The app provides an accessible platform for all, to swiftly access information on the hospital’s Consultants, whilst providing a direct link to our GP Liaison Department. The app can be used to search by specialist name and specialty, where Consultants matching the search term will appear along with their full profile and contact details.

Chief Executive John Reay said that London Bridge Hospital was constantly looking at innovative ways to improve its service to patients and GPs and in-so-doing help to get faster access for patients to diagnosis or treatment. "We are all increasingly busy and very often on the move. We hope that this new app will help to speed up the process of getting a patient in for a scan or a test or to see a Consultant. That way everyone benefits - especially the patient," he said.

The London Bridge Hospital iPhone app is now available to download for free from the Apple store