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London Bridge Hospital unveils Cancer Treatment Suite in association with Leaders in Oncology Care

Spacious and modern in design, the new Cancer Treatment Suite offers state-of-the-art technology, providing the very best chemotherapy and related treatments such as hormonal therapy, biological therapies and immunotherapy. 12 individual pods, fitted with comfortable reclining padded chairs and a high tech screen allow patients to watch TV or check emails at their leisure, while curtains allow the option of complete privacy should patients request it. A calming and clean decor delivers a relaxing atmosphere for those undergoing treatment.

Run by a a talented, multidisciplinary team including leading Consultant Oncologists and a team of highly skilled nurses, the new unit provides an exceptional level of service, drawing on the wider hospital to offer a one-stop approach for those diagnosed with cancer.

Dr Mark Harries, Consultant Oncologist leading the collaboration between LOC and London Bridge Hospital explains how the comprehensive offering of London Bridge Hospital provides the perfect location for oncology treatment.

'Patients are able to follow the complete pathway all on one hospital site; from initital diagnosis tests and scans, surgery and chemotherapy, to palliative care, counselling, complimentary medicine including massage, nutrition and reflexology to ease side effects, and even an on-site pharmacy. Our exceptional team of consultants, nurses, haematologists, dieticians, pharmacists and many more work side by side to ensure patients receive the very best care. Not only is it beneficial to staff, who are able to ensure they provide the most cohesive treatment plan, but also to patients who are able to relax in the knowledge that they are able to receive everything they need in one place, reducing unnecessary stress.'

Dr Harries further expands, 'When treating cancer, speed is naturally key in giving patient's the best prognosis. Our ability to deliver a treatment plan all on one site ensures timings from diagnosis to treatment are implemented as quickly as possible.'

The collaboration with LOC combined with the opening of the new Cancer Treatment Suite cements London Bridge Hospital as a true leader in the field of oncology. A shared ambition to deliver the very best advanced cancer care unites the two groups to produce a one-stop destination for outstanding service.

Dr Harries elaborates; 'Both LOC and London Bridge Hospital are dedicated to providing high quality personalised treatment, taking extremely qualified staff to deliver an advanced service in a relaxing, spacious and modern facility. The partnership was therefore a natural collaboration given our shared goals and we are delighted to be able to present this new unit to patients and consultants alike.'

For more information on London Bridge Hospital Oncology services, visit www.londoncancercentre.co.uk or call 0844 8000696