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London Bridge Hospital wins Major Hospitality Award

25 March 2009

The London Bridge Hospital has been designated ‘Hospitality Assured’ for its high standard of hotel services following exhaustive inspections and monitoring by the Institute of Hospitality. London Bridge Hospital catering and hotel services functions were evaluated on ten different standards ranging from standards of performance to training and development.

Sheila D’Abreu, the hospital’s Hotel Services Manager said she was delighted that at the first time of entering, London Bridge had achieved the award. “This is a real tribute to the hotel service management team as well as our hotel and catering staff who work round the clock to look after our patients, our medical teams and our doctors.”

“It is not an easy job dealing with people who are anxious and often very ill. Our patients expect more all the time. But we have a great team and all of us are looking for ways we can improve our performance. Simply winning this award means our game has been raised and that’s a good thing,” said Sheila.

“The Hospitality Assured award will force us to re-evaluate, to innovate and strive for improvement. This gives us a challenge but we have a great team and this boost to morale will help us to maintain and improve our service,” she said.