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Look after your ears and they will look after you

15 September 2015

Summer ear infections can be quite common, as Prime Minister David Cameron found out last month when his holiday in Portugal was interrupted by a case of swimmer's ear.

Our ears are an important part of our communication system and it is important to care for them, just as we care for any other part of our body. This importance was recognised by the ITV programme, This Morning, who wanted an expert to speak on the subject. Recognising him as a leading expert in his field, the programme called upon one of our consultants, Nick Eynon-Lewis, who works at London Bridge Hospital.

Nick appeared on the programme on Friday, 28th August and gave tips to help avoid ear infections, which include:

  • Avoiding getting water in your ears wherever possible
  • Avoiding using cotton buds inside your ear as they stop the natural production of wax, which is an important part of ear health
  • Avoiding very loud noise wherever possible
  • Using a nasal decongestant before and during a flight to stop the change in pressure affecting your ears
  • Seeing a GP if you have any concerns about your ears, including if you think that you are producing excessive wax

See Nick Eynon-Lewis's web profile here.

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