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New Day Case Brachytherapy Treatment available

06 August 2009

London Bridge Hospital is now offering a new day case treatment for patients with early prostate cancer using a pinhole surgery Brachytherapy single-stage procedure.

The enhanced Brachytherapy operation, which is performed under a light general anaesthetic, enables urologists to map and treat a tumour with greater accuracy. Most patients can return to work in a couple of days and experience little discomfort from the procedure.

Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Rick Popert, said that cure rates are comparable to radical surgery and radiotherapy without the risks of urinary incontinence or impotence. “We have refined this procedure using advanced computer software for the placement of very fine needles used to implant the radioactive seeds. It also enables us, with the help of a planning computer programme, to achieve a better quality implant and to produce more detailed mapping.

“We can then position the radioactive seeds more accurately, to achieve better dosimetry. This also reduces the risk of collateral damage of healthy tissue and nerves. We call it pinhole surgery.

“This is a safer technique than many of the other options and is just as effective at curing prostate cancer which is now the most common cancer in men. Better planning means we can minimise the dosage too.”

Brachytherapy is recommended for men with early stage localized cancer that has not spread from the prostate. The procedure can also be used as a booster to external beam radiotherapy in high-risk cases.

For more information, please call London Bridge Urology on 020 7357 6466.