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Patient Feedback Results for London Bridge Hospital

20 February 2012

Period: January to December 2011

We are proud of our patient care and work hard to make each patient’s time with us as pleasant as possible. Our patient survey is an important indicator of how well we achieve this and we monitor the results very closely.

During the period January 1st to December 31st 2011 London Bridge Hospital received 2,826 completed patient feedback questionnaires.

We are pleased to report that 99.5% of patients responding rated their Overall Quality of Care as good or better.

On other key issues the patient ratings for this hospital were as follows (all % good or better):

Overall impression of admission: 97.6% 
Overall nursing care:  99.0%
Accommodation:  98.1%
Catering: 96.9%
Departure: 96.7%

All our staff are dedicated to providing the best possible patient care and patients are particularly appreciative of their efforts. We asked patients whether they were treated with respect and dignity while they were in the hospital and 97.2% told us they were.

Another issue of concern to many patients is the level of cleanliness maintained in the hospital. This year 99.4% rated the cleanliness of their room as ‘good or better’ and 99.5% rated the overall cleanliness in the hospital as ‘good or better’.

And finally we are proud to report that 99.2% of our patients tell us they would recommend London Bridge Hospital to their family and friends.

These figures are extracted from a database of results compiled by Howard Warwick Associates Ltd on our behalf and were prepared during January 2012.