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Unique Implant Surgery for the Profoundly Deaf

12 February 2009

London Bridge Hospital has developed a new service using the latest hearing implant technology for patients with the most profound hearing loss.

The new Otology service, which doctors claim is unique in the private sector, is now seeing patients with every form of hearing problem including those who cannot hear even with the best hearing aids available today.

The London Bridge team of ENT surgeons can now offer a specialist diagnostic service and the most technologically advanced auditory implant operations to insert rechargeable cochlear implants for patients with no hearing ability in one or both ears.

“There are more and more people with damaged hearing today for many reasons and yet there is much more we can do to help people who have not been able to get a good result with hearing aids,” said specialist ENT surgeon Mr Dan Jiang. 

“There are many cases when we can help people with severe to profound hearing loss by fitting a cochlear implant.  This implant bypasses a faulty hearing organ by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve.  The nerve impulse is then transmitted to the brain and hearing is restored,” explained Mr Jiang.

“We can also supplement the benefits of a cochlear implant by using the new technique of electrical acoustic stimulation which improves frequency range helping people discern speech and music more clearly. It gives you a better pitch detection. We can implant rechargeable processors in the scalp to achieve this and these are charged by a new magnetic device that patients can use easily,” said Mr Jiang.

“This very, very new technology enables people who have suffered terrible deafness the ability to have a much better quality of life,” He said.

To learn more about the new London Bridge Hospital Otology service please call 020 7407 3100