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Press articles

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When your acid reflux could be a sign of something much more sinister: After Brian lost his brother to cancer, he discovered he also had a serious condition

09 November 2016

Read more about this minimally invasive surgery that one of our consultants Dr Jason Dunn performed.

Back pain banished: Treatment for debilitating condition taking many by surprise

08 November 2016

A dull ache above your hips or a painful pull near your shoulder blade; Brits are familiar with back pain. Consultant neurosurgeon Mr Bhupal Chitnavis explains.

Why Pilates could be the secret weapon for back pain

01 November 2016

The majority of people who suffer from back pain have never stepped into a Pilates studio, let alone know the benefits of it. Consultant Neurosurgeon Bhupal Chitnavis weighs in.

How to use the extra hour wisely this weekend

28 October 2016

Dr Guy Leschziner, consultant neurologist at London Bridge Hospital has shared his advice about how to make the most of the extra hour after the clocks go back this week and why it’s important to consider your sleep as the days draw in.

Mouth Cancer: Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

28 October 2016

The earliest form of mouth cancer has a 90% survival rate; Mr Jean-Pierre Jeannon, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon raises awareness by discussing the signs, symptoms and those at risk.

The 20 common medical tests and treatments that may be completely pointless

25 October 2016

Do you really need the medical treatment you’re being offered? Professor Tony Kochhar explains.

Nutrition for an ultra marathon

24 October 2016

Preparing to push your body further requires meticulous nutritional planning and Peta Bee looks at how to fuel up for the challenge

The Sevenoaks family 5K brought 800 runners to Knole

17 October 2016

Knole Park was a sea of colour this weekend as the second annual Sevenoaks Family 5k took place in the town.

Should we be boasting about our red wine habit or trying to kick it?

13 October 2016

Specialist Oncology Dietitian at Leaders in Oncology Care, Kelly Grainger provides vital information on binge drinking and safe guidelines to stick to.

How to look after your joint health

12 October 2016

Arthritic pain affects millions of people around the country every day, and while you may think it only plagues the elderly you’d be wrong, so it’s time to take care of your joints.

UK doctor examines Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa

01 October 2016

Chennai, Oct 1 (IANS) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa is reported to have been examined by a specialist doctor from the UK while there was no official statement on her health condition either from the state government or from the Apollo Hospitals.

HRT causes cancer and other breast cancer myths busted

01 October 2016

Every 10 minutes in the UK, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, which equates to 60,000 a year, according to Breast Cancer Care. It’s the most common cancer in women in the UK, affecting one in eight, but can also affect men, with some 340 diagnosed each year.

Everything you need for dealing with migraines

06 September 2016

Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital shares his expert advice this Migraine Awareness Week.

Understanding fat in the diet

05 August 2016

Rarely a month goes by without some new research into fats and the effect it they have on our diet and lifestyle, but do you really understand the role of fat in your diet?

London Bridge Hospital’s Chef has been awarded

02 August 2016

Filomena Amina from London Bridge Hospital took part in a contest involving the whole of HCA Healthcare

Why do your knuckles crack? The phenomenon explained and when you should be concerned

25 July 2016

Professor Tony Kochhar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon discusses the reasons why your knuckles crack and the medical implications of this.

Why is sex better in a long-term relationship?

23 July 2016

Our Psychosexual Nurse, Emma Waring features in Guardian’s article discussing the need for honesty in relationships about what you enjoy.

Don’t Sweat It: 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Sweating

12 July 2016

Dr Virginia Hubbard, Consultant Dermatologist explains that sweating is an essential part of skin health which can be compared to having a facial treatment.

Still not taking sun safety seriously?

10 July 2016

Our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Virginia Hubbard gives an important update on skin cancer, the risks of being exposed to the sun and how to stay vigilant.

How standing naked in front of the mirror could save your life: Experts reveal what your body may be trying to tell you…

04 July 2016

If you look face into the mirror and can see you have one shoulder higher than the other — or if you look over your shoulder at your back and see in the mirror that one shoulder blade is more prominent than the other, you could have undiagnosed scoliosis, a twisting or sideways curvature of the spine, explains Professor Tony Kochhar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Read more as the experts discuss body hangups that could reveal a health issue.

How surgeons now wear 3D glasses for heart bypass operations

14 June 2016

Our Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Mr Ranjit Deshpande features in Daily Mail after performing life saving heart bypass operation and discusses coronary heart disease.

The Wales Euro team behind the team

03 June 2016

Dr Jon Houghton is one of the healthcare professionals helping to prepare the ?Wales FootballTeam? for ?‎Euro 2016?

The secret of good sleep? Embracing your stress

28 April 2016

The stresses from everyday life can sometimes lead to struggles in falling to sleep. Samantha Briscoe, senior clinical physiologist sheds light on how hectic lifestyles are affecting our good night’s sleep.

Men should exercise their pelvic floor and women should lift weights: The surprising health lessons each sex could learn from each other

30 March 2016

Sundip Patel Consultant Cardiologist provides insight in the difference between men and women when it comes to their hearts.

How to run a marathon: top tips from experts on how to smash through that brick wall

30 March 2016

Uzo Ehiogu, Head of Physiotherapy at The Shard Outpatients and Diagnostic Centre shares his top tips to get ready for the London Marathon

10 try-tonight tactics to help you fall asleep (and stay asleep)

18 March 2016

It is recommended that adults sleep for upto eight hours per night, but for many sleep is an ongoing issue that they have problems with. Read more of this feature as our Consultant Neurologist, Dr Guy Leschziner gives advice.

Top 5 tips for a healthy detox

04 January 2016

Evelyn Toner, Senior Specialist Dietitian at London Bridge Hospital provides her expert advice on detoxing and rejuvenating the healthy way.

The science of sex: Experts reveal why love hurts, how sex helps us live longer - and why it’s so important to kiss

24 December 2015

Dr Graham Jackson, Consultant Cardiologist at London Bridge Hospital and chairman of the Sexual Advice Association comments on the possible risk factors and percentages.

How that Christmas blowout could give you a heart attack: A big festive meal can reveal heart problems you didn’t know you had- with terrifying consequences

21 December 2015

Dr Sundip Patel, Consultant Cardiologist at London Bridge Hospital comments on why heart problems are on the rise around the festive period and some of the contributing factors to this with diet.

Lost your sense of humour? You may be sleep deprived

18 November 2015

A survey by the University of Leeds found that an astonishing 25 per cent of people get less than five hours’ sleep a night. Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital Sleep Centre, talks about how lack of sleep is affecting our bodies.

Do you know what happens to your skin after a bad night’s sleep?

16 November 2015

Sleep is important for your skin and this is the time your skin cells go into regeneration mode. Dr Virginia Hubbard, Consultant Dermatologist, provides factual information on sleep.

Don’t let work stress dominate your life - you need to keep sight of what’s important

03 November 2015

To manage work-related stress more effectively it is important to establish limits on how much you are willing to let work dominate your life and to learn to say no to unrealistic demands. Simon Simpson, Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist at London Bridge Hospital writes article on ways to combat stress and cope with pressure.

Breast Cancer awareness month- What is breast cancer and how to spot the signs

20 October 2015

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in the UK, and one in eight British women will developing it in their lifetime. However, the chances of beating breast cancer are improving, with more than eight out of ten people surviving the disease beyond five years and 75 per cent of people surviving beyond 10 years. Mr Nicolas Beechey-Newman, Consultant Breast Surgeon explains breast cancer and how to spot the signs.

Running and its benefits for arthritis

16 October 2015

Arthritis Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the debilitating condition that affects 10 million people living in the UK; traditionally associated with the elderly, arthritis actually affects people of all ages. Mr Zameer Shah, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon discusses the condition in Runner’s World.

Guide to a better night’s sleep

07 October 2015

Sleep is essential, for health and sanity; read more as our Consultant Dr Guy Leschziner comments in this interesting feature that could solve your sleep problems.

Online calculator tells women their risk of developing breast cancer in next 10 years

02 October 2015

A new online calculator claims to tell women how likely they are to develop breast cancer in the next five to 10 years. Mr Nicolas Beechey Newman, Consultant Breast Surgeon comments.

Women and heart attacks: 5 things you need to know

29 September 2015

Cardiovascular disease isn’t just a man’s problem – get the facts on World Heart Day. London Bridge Hospital Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Cliff Bucknall confirms five important facts we need to know.

Heart disease is bigger killer than breast cancer in women

28 September 2015

British women are three times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer, according to The British Heart Foundation. Dr Cliff Bucknall, Consultant Cardiologist explains more in the feature.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre relaunches after £1.4 million refurbishment

28 September 2015

Highlights of the new facility, in London Road, include an expanded physiotherapy suite and women’s health services.

Understanding the fat in diet

21 September 2015

Experts suggested last week that banning trans fats in Britain would save the lives of 7,200 people over the next five years and then we have dietitians urging us to include good fats in our diet – but how much do you really know and understand about eating fat in your diet? Ms Robyn Coetzee, Specialist Dietitian at London Bridge Hospital explains.

Why you need your beauty sleep

08 September 2015

‘I need my beauty sleep’, a term to be taken literal as Dr Virginia Hubbard Consultant Dermatologist, explains that sleep is the best for cells in the body to repair, as there is less energy sent to the brain and more to the skin.

A healthy guide to migraines

06 September 2015

The World Health Organisation lists migraines among the 20 most disabling conditions, they’re also the cause of 25 million sick days everyday in the UK – but do you have any idea how to ease them? Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital shares his expert advice.

Brain tumour signs and symptoms

02 September 2015

Great British Bake Off co-host Sue Perkins has hit headlines after revealing she has been living with a non-cancerous brain tumour for the past eight years. Christopher Chandler, Consultant Neurosurgeon gives an insight to benign brain tumours and explains more on the subject.

Stem cell therapy will be available within five years

30 August 2015

Revolutionary stem cell therapy could end the suffering of millions of arthritis patients within as few as five years. Preliminary findings of a trial of the treatment show that within days patients experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. Mr Simon Moyes, Knee Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital comments on the feature.

The link between diet and bowel cancer

22 August 2015

We are often told that regular cups of coffee is not the best thing for our health, but recently there have been reports in the news that in fact it could help increase the chances of surviving bowel cancer. Mr Mark George, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon highlights the lifestyle factors that are associated with the condition.

Royal College of Physicians of London - Specialty of the month

20 August 2015

Dr Jo Larkin, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine at London Bridge Hospital features on "speciality of the month - sport and exercise medicine" in Royal College of Physicians of London website.

Stress is a ‘badge of honour’ for Canary Wharf workers

18 August 2015

Study shows nearly 70% ignore illness because of work while taking suffering as a signal of their dedication to their job.

Missing just one night’s sleep can affect your health

12 August 2015

Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital, explains the importance of sleep and what we can do to get more of it.

Are women becoming the unhealthy sex? Busy lives make them neglect their bodies’ danger signs

05 August 2015

Are women becoming the unhealthy sex? Busy lives make them neglect their bodies’ danger signs. Read the story here as Consultant Cardiologist, Sundip Patel comments on the feature.

A new study has found that there are five kinds of prostate cancer

31 July 2015

Dr Gordon Muir, Consultant Urological Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital has provided expert advice to help those who may be affected.

Is fizzy water making you bloated?

29 July 2015

The carbonation in fizzy water can create extra gas in your digestive system, which can exacerbate burping, abdominal bloating and flatulence, says Dr Simon Anderson, consultant gastroenterologist at London Bridge Hospital.

Half of City workers have a long-term health problem that’s hindering their performance at work, but most won’t go to the doctor because of the “macho” culture

29 July 2015

Nearly half of those working in the City of London are suffering from a long-term health problem that’s hindering their performance, according our recent Hospital study- but most won’t visit the doctor because of the "macho" work culture.

We’re sleep-walking into mediocre careers - it’s time to reassess our bedtime habits

27 July 2015

Dr Guy Leschziner is a consultant neurologist and sleep physician at London Bridge Hospital, shares his views on sleep walking on his Opinion Column in City Am.

How much sleeping are you getting

25 July 2015

Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital emphasises the importance of sleep and outlines common sleep.

Why hot yoga should carry a health warning: Bikram, which is done in heated rooms, has never been trendier… but it can leave you in agony

22 July 2015

The biggest problem we see is muscle tears, especially the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh,’ says Simon Moyes, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at London Bridge Hospital

The affect of antidepressants on sex drive and libido

08 June 2015

Marie Claire magazine explores the affects of antidepressants on your sex drive and libido. Read more as Dr Tom Stevens, Consultant Psychiatrist at London Bridge Hospital comments.

Migraines? Cold hands? You may have ‘sticky’ blood: It may raise your risk of stroke - or stop you having children

27 May 2015

Hughes syndrome is the cause of one in six strokes, heart attacks and DVTs in people under the age of 50 and is the most common treatable cause of recurrent miscarriage. Professor Graham Hughes, Consultant Rheumatologist and Head of the London Lupus Centre at London Bridge Hospital comments on the disorder.

Ovarian cancer test: New method detects twice as many cases

27 May 2015

The fight against ovarian cancer has been given a huge boost thanks to a new blood test has been found to detect twice as many cases as conventional methods.Ms Deborah Bruce, Consultant Gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital discusses what the procedure involves. Read the full story here.

How to get off the energy rollercoaster

20 May 2015

Experiencing more ups and downs than the average fairground ride? Here’s 10 ways to get your energy levels, mood and health back on track. Consultant Neurologist Dr Guy Leschziner of The Sleep Centre at London Bridge Hospital gives advise on how to put slumber firmly back on the agenda.

Being tall can harm your sex life: But it may help your heart and your hearing

12 May 2015

Several studies, including one published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1995, have shown taller men and women have a higher risk of hip fracture.

Zameer Shah, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital comments on these findings.

The UK’s best and worst places to sleep revealed

26 April 2015

There is good evidence that sleep is important for learning and improving mood, so anything you can do to optimise sleep is likely to improve productivity and alertness the next day at work, Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant, neurologist at The Sleep Centre at London Bridge Hospital said.

It’s Never Too Late: Five Simple Changes To Help You Live Longer

12 April 2015

Five simple lifestyle changes can help you live longer and boost your wellbeing – no matter how old you are. Dr Balvinder Wasan, Consultant Cardiologist and Robyn Coetzee, Specialist Dietitian at London Bridge Hospital comment cholesterol levels in a feature article with The Express.

Clarke Carlisle opens up about depression and suicide attempt

02 April 2015

Former Premier League player Clarke Carlisle has opened up in a powerful Newsnight interview about his ongoing battle with depression and his attempt at suicide last December. Dr Tom Stevens, Consultant Psychiatrist at London Bridge Hospital comments on his poignant story.

Sex Drive: The Differences Between Men and Women

01 April 2015

So Feminine looks at the reasons that men and women’s sex drives are not always in tune with each other. London Bridge Hospital, Psychosexual Clinical Nurse Specialist, Emma Waring comments.

Angelina Jolie Pitt Cancer Surgery: Why did she decide to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed?

01 April 2015

Angelina Jolie Pitt has revealed her decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after early signs of cancer were detected. Our Consultant Gynaecologist, Deborah Bruce, comments.

Superfood of the Earth? 10 Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea. Want to know a superfood that is proven to give you everything and more?

01 April 2015

Matcha green tea is more than just a superfood. It’s powerhouse of antioxidants gives you sustained energy, a boosted metabolism, optimal immunity, better focus and so much more. Curious to know what else this green powder has to offer? Read on as our dietitian, Muriel Gall at Sevenoaks Medical Centre comments.

Women on the pill face increased risk of Crohn’s disease

17 March 2015

New study of 230,000 women suggests women may be three times as likely to develop the bowel condition if they are on the Pill and have high-risk genetics.

London Bridge Hospital partners with Quail Digital to enhance clinical communications

27 February 2015

London Bridge Hospital has chosen Quail Digital’s wireless headset technology to improve clinical communications between its physicians and medical staff. Read the full story here.

‘I was given indigestion pills for tumour in my throat’

26 February 2015

A father who was prescribed indigestion tablets when he had cancer of the oesophagus was referred to surgeon James Gossage at the London Bridge Hospital for treatment. Read the full story on London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

Heart disease and women - dispelling the myths

24 February 2015

This February is National Heart Month, which aims to raise awareness of heart disease, including strokes, heart failure and cardiomyopathy.

Dr Gerald Carr-White and Sundip Patel, Consultant Cardiologists at London Bridge Hospital, talk about heart conditions, which can affect women of all ages.

Express Online - Balloon to ease shoulder pain

19 February 2015

Professor Tony Kochhar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, describes the early testing of an alternative new surgical technique for shoulder operations.

Could being more spontaneous change your relationship?

18 February 2015

London Bridge Hospital Dr Tom Stevens, Consultant Psychiatrist explains the importance of spontaneity and curiosity in relationships. Read more here.

How healthy is your heart?

18 February 2015

It is our most vital organ and the engine that keeps our body running, do we neglect it? London Bridge Hospital Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Cliff Bucknall, comments on heart disease and the symptoms of a heart attack.

Why fizzy drinks (and even sparkling water) are WORSE than you thought

12 February 2015

We are drinking more soft drinks than ever before - on average, 25 gallons each a year. But what is it doing to our health? London Bridge Medical Oncologist, Dr Anne Trigg, explains some of the health implications. Read more here:

Is official advice about NOT pulling out wisdom teeth doing more harm than good?

11 February 2015

Louis McArdle, consultant oral surgeon at London Bridge Hospital, talks to the Daily Mail about how impacted wisdom teeth are often jammed against the molar, making the space between the two teeth hard to clean, which leads to decay. Read more on this story.

Can Christina lose weight with a healthy diet?

09 February 2015

Watch our Deputy Dietetic Manager, Evelyn Toner, give advice on healthy diets on ITV This Morning! Evelyn provides advice on healthy meal plans, diets and healthy eating tips to help turn your life around.

BBC Radio 4 - Inside Health

19 January 2015

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Cliff Bucknall speaks with BBC Radio 4’s Dr Mark Porter about the PLAC test which measures levels of the enzyme Lp-PLA2, on the Insight Health series, which aims to demisty perplex health issues. Listen to the interview (20/01/2015) on the BBC’s website.

Coping with OCD: How Alpha-Stim is helping to beat the ‘bully

29 December 2014

Jeremy Broadhead, a consultant psychiatrist at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, says that CBT is the treatment for which there is best research evidence, and there is strong research evidence for certain medications, too. Read more here.

Could exercice help reduce the chances of breast cancer

02 December 2014

Dr Anne Rigg, Consultant Medical Oncologist at London Bridge Hospital, explains the impact of exercise in the prevention of breast cancer and the steps that people can take to reduce their risk.

TSS: The unfortunate ordeal some face

20 November 2014

Read more about TSS and the ordeal a woman faced; our Consultant Gynaecologist, Deborah Bruce comments in Cosmopolitan

London Bridge Hospital receives the Investors in People Gold Award

18 November 2014

London Bridge Hospital has been awarded the Investors in People Gold standard, joining the top 3% of accredited organisations across the UK. Investors in People is the UK’s leading accreditation for business improvement through people management.

World Diabetes Day: The Health Facts

17 November 2014

World Diabetes Day focuses on the theme of education and prevention of diabetes, highlighting the growing concerns about the global health threat that the condition poses. Read more as Dr Jesse Kumar, Consultant Endocrinologist discuses Diabetes treatment options.

6 tips to help you sleep better

14 November 2014

‘An alarm clock waking you from a deep sleep can be stressful for the body,’ says Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital and The Lister Hospital.

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer

03 November 2014

Currently 1 in 8 women get breast cancer, which equates to 50,500 a year, however this new evidence is positive in showing that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the probability of a woman being affected. Our Consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr Anne Rigg, responds to the findings.

Coping with pregnancy symptoms at work

08 October 2014

Robyn Coetzee, Specialist Dietician at the London Bridge Hospital spoke about managing morning sickness and how to cope with pregnancy symptoms at work.

Mouth Cancer: The lowdown on symptoms, treatments and risk factors

23 September 2014

Mouth cancer, although uncommon is still a potentially fatal disease, due to the late stage at which it is usually diagnosed. Mr Jean-Pierre Jeannon, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital talks to the Huffington Post about its symptoms, treatments and risk factors.

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant: What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

11 September 2014

Specialist Dietitian, Robyn Coatzee speak to OK Magazine about how a women’s body goes through a number of adaptations during pregnancy

Silver surfers: The elderly, the internet and dementia

18 August 2014

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Tom Stevens speaks to Daily Express Online about how internet lessons for the elderly, can help fight against dementia

The impact of obesity on your joints

17 August 2014

We all know that obesity can seriously affect your heart, but what about the damage you could be doing to your joints? Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Simon Moyes speaks to Female First

The hidden dangers of a heavy carry on bag

08 August 2014

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Simon Moyes talks to More Time To Travel about the damage you could be doing, by carrying a heavy bag on to the plane

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Breast Cancer and the contraceptive pill

05 August 2014

Last week it was reported that women who take the pill are 50% more likely to develop Breast Cancer. Consultant Gynaecologist Judith Hamilton speaks to Female First about alternative contraception options for women

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A ‘massage must’ for mums-to-be

04 August 2014

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Mr Lawrence Mascarenhas speaks to Beauty Bible about the benefits of perineal massage

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Should we all ban the booze?

11 July 2014

With new research suggesting that cutting down on your alcohol intake can lower both your blood pressure and the chance of a heart attack, Consultant Cardiologist Dr Gerald Carr-White speaks to The Express about the effects alcohol can have on heart health

The great fruit juice debate

07 July 2014

Should fruit juices be banned? Dietician Evelyn Toner speaks to Female First, and discusses the benefits and dangers of drinking too much fruit juice

Playing with fire: The lurking danger of summer sun

04 July 2014

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Virginia Hubbard discusses the hidden dangers of summer sun, and why we should all be taking extra measures to protect ourselves

Take the steps at work to a healthier you

04 July 2014

Even if you are desk bound when you are at work, Senior Physiotherapist Lucie Noble has some top tips to keep you healthy

Got a desk job? Read this!

25 June 2014

Senior Physiotherapist Lucie Noble speaks to We Heart Living about how you can become more active in the office

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How to detox: 13 healthy tips and tricks

19 June 2014

As Marie Claire discuss their top tips and tricks for detoxing, specialist dietitian Evelyn Toner weighs in on the salt debate

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Depression: How to spot it

18 June 2014

Each year, 1 in 4 people experience depression. But how can you spot it, and if you think you may be experiencing feelings of depression, what should you do? Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Tom Stevens speaks to Female First

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How to avoid the sitting trap

18 June 2014

Sitting down all day is one of the unhealthiest habits we have. How can we keep active at work? Senior Physiotherapist Lucie Noble speaks to the Therapy Directory

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