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City Heart Week

11 June 2007

London Bridge Hospital has joined forces with the Arrhythmia Alliance charity to raise awareness of the arrhythmia condition as part of the first City Heart Week.

Minimal Access

07 December 2007

Minimal access spinal surgery (MASS) has been developed with the aim of reducing approachrelated morbidity or 'collateral damage' to surrounding tissues whilst obtaining the same clinical outcomes of traditional open procedures. The procedure has been developed to complement minimal invasive spinal surgery (MISS) as the latter does not allow for direct visualisation of the spine.

BPH gets the Green Light

07 December 2007

An average GP practice with 2000 patients will have approximately 150 men registered with urinary symptoms severe enough to consider seeking treatment at some point in time.

Quantification of liver health

07 December 2007

Liver disease is currently the 5th most common cause of death in the UK and the 10th Worlwide. Deathrates have doubled in the last 10 years with deaths due to cirrhotic liver disease at over 4000 per annum.