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Pioneering procedure that can cure a faulty heartbeat

03 June 2009

Tens of thousands of Britons are killed each year by the heart condition atrial fibrillation, but now a London cardiologist has developed a technique that cures the problem for good.

The pioneering procedure, which has been performed successfully on 12 patients, is about to enter clinical trials.

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Is your heart skipping a beat?

31 May 2009

The majority of people have never heard of the heart condition arrhythmia, despite it being one of the top 10 causes for hospital attendance in the UK, according to a recent survey conducted by YouGov 75% of people surveyed were also unaware that arrhythmia increases the risk of stroke and heart attack and results in 100,000 deaths every year in the UK, many of which might be prevented with better  awareness of the condition, prompt diagnosis and treatment.