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Aspirin could prevent thousands of miscarriages: leading doctor

25 October 2012

Professor Graham Hughes, Head of the London Lupus Centre talks to the Daily Telegraph about how repeated miscarriages could be prevented by taking Aspirin.

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The doctor says you’re just stressed, could it be more sinister?

09 October 2012

Dr David Jones, Consultant Rheumatologist provides expert comment on complex symptoms, which can often be a result of an underlying physical illness

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Synthes Rib Matrix: Surgery that can mend a broken ribcage with plates and screws

30 September 2012

A pioneering technique for repairing broken ribs is dramatically reducing recovery times – so that patients can return to normal life within days.

Mr Tom Routledge, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, offers the technique at London Bridge Hospital.

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Perfecting the art of beauty sleep: How to get a good night’s sleep

29 September 2012

Our Consultant Neurologist, Dr Guy Leschziner provides expert comment on how to get a good night's sleep.

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