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The Mediterranean Diet: how can it benefit us?

26 June 2013

Sources say that sticking to 'The Mediterranean Diet' is one of the healthiest ways to live. Specialist Dietitian Helen Findlay discusses the benefits with So Feminine, including how it can help reduce your chances of Cancer.

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Testicular Cancer: The importance of self-examination

13 June 2013

As the UK marks Men's Health Week, Consultant Oncologist Dr Simon Chowdhury highlights to Female First, how important it is for men to regularly check themselves for any signs of Testicular Cancer.

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Is your workout injury proof?

12 June 2013

London Bridge Hospital Physiotherapist Uzo Ehiogu talks to All About You, on how you can keep your workouts injury free.

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Week: The simple test that could save your life

11 June 2013

One lady tells Cosmopolitan Magazine why attending a smear test regularly is so important, and why she is glad she came to London Bridge Hospital.

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