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London Bridge Hospital launches brand new Cancer Treatment Suite

26 September 2013

Private Healthcare UK reports on the brand new Cancer Treatment Suite at London Bridge Hospital

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National Eczema Week: Breaking the itch-scratch cycle

18 September 2013

This week, the UK is marking National Eczema Week. With diagnosis of the condition on the rise, London Bridge Hospital Consultant Dermatologist Dr Virginia Hubbard speaks to Female First about raising awareness of the condition, its symptoms and treatments

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London Bridge Hospital unveils new 3T MRI scanner

04 September 2013

London Bridge Hospital Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Neurologist Dr Ben Turner and Consultant Urological Surgeon Mr Rick Popert discuss our latest investment, the 3T MRI, with Building Better Healthcare

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Migraines: The facts

01 September 2013

This week the UK is marking Migraine Awareness Week. With over 8 million people suffering from Migraines, Consultant Neurologist Dr Guy Leschziner discusses the facts with Female First

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