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Should we all ban the booze?

11 July 2014

With new research suggesting that cutting down on your alcohol intake can lower both your blood pressure and the chance of a heart attack, Consultant Cardiologist Dr Gerald Carr-White speaks to The Express about the effects alcohol can have on heart health 

Playing with fire: The lurking danger of summer sun

04 July 2014

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Virginia Hubbard discusses the hidden dangers of summer sun, and why we should all be taking extra measures to protect ourselves

Take the steps at work to a healthier you

04 July 2014

 Even if you are desk bound when you are at work, Senior Physiotherapist Lucie Noble has some top tips to keep you healthy 

The great fruit juice debate

07 July 2014

Should fruit juices be banned? Dietician Evelyn Toner speaks to Female First, and discusses the benefits and dangers of drinking too much fruit juice