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BBC Radio 4 - Inside Health

19 January 2015

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Cliff Bucknall speaks with BBC Radio 4's Dr Mark Porter about the PLAC test which measures levels of the enzyme Lp-PLA2, on the Insight Health series, which aims to demisty perplex health issues. Listen to the interview (20/01/2015) on the BBC's website.

6 tips to help you sleep better

14 November 2014

‘An alarm clock waking you from a deep sleep can be stressful for the body,’ says Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital and The Lister Hospital.

Coping with OCD: How Alpha-Stim is helping to beat the ‘bully

29 December 2014

Jeremy Broadhead, a consultant psychiatrist at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, says that CBT is the treatment for which there is best research evidence, and there is strong research evidence for certain medications, too. Read more here.