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Stem cell therapy will be available within five years

30 August 2015

Revolutionary stem cell therapy could end the suffering of millions of arthritis patients within as few as five years. Preliminary findings of a trial of the treatment show that within days patients experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. Mr Simon Moyes, Knee Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital comments on the feature.

The link between diet and bowel cancer

22 August 2015

We are often told that regular cups of coffee is not the best thing for our health, but recently there have been reports in the news that in fact it could help increase the chances of surviving bowel cancer. Mr Mark George, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon highlights the lifestyle factors that are associated with the condition.

Royal College of Physicians of London - Specialty of the month

20 August 2015

Dr Jo Larkin, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine at London Bridge Hospital features on "speciality of the month - sport and exercise medicine" in Royal College of Physicians of London website.

Stress is a ‘badge of honour’ for Canary Wharf workers

18 August 2015

Study shows nearly 70% ignore illness because of work while taking suffering as a signal of their dedication to their job.

Missing just one night’s sleep can affect your health

12 August 2015

Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital, explains the importance of sleep and what we can do to get more of it.

Are women becoming the unhealthy sex? Busy lives make them neglect their bodies’ danger signs

05 August 2015

Are women becoming the unhealthy sex? Busy lives make them neglect their bodies' danger signs. Read the story here as Consultant Cardiologist, Sundip Patel comments on the feature.

We’re sleep-walking into mediocre careers - it’s time to reassess our bedtime habits

27 July 2015

Dr Guy Leschziner is a consultant neurologist and sleep physician at London Bridge Hospital, shares his views on sleep walking on his Opinion Column in City Am.

A new study has found that there are five kinds of prostate cancer

31 July 2015

Dr Gordon Muir, Consultant Urological Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital has provided expert advice to help those who may be affected.

Is fizzy water making you bloated?

29 July 2015

The carbonation in fizzy water can create extra gas in your digestive system, which can exacerbate burping, abdominal bloating and flatulence, says Dr Simon Anderson, consultant gastroenterologist at London Bridge Hospital.

Why hot yoga should carry a health warning: Bikram, which is done in heated rooms, has never been trendier… but it can leave you in agony

22 July 2015

The biggest problem we see is muscle tears, especially the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh,' says Simon Moyes, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at London Bridge Hospital