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Women and heart attacks: 5 things you need to know

29 September 2015

Cardiovascular disease isn't just a man's problem – get the facts on World Heart Day. London Bridge Hospital Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Cliff Bucknall confirms five important facts we need to know.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre relaunches after £1.4 million refurbishment

28 September 2015

Highlights of the new facility, in London Road, include an expanded physiotherapy suite and women’s health services.

Heart disease is bigger killer than breast cancer in women

28 September 2015

British women are three times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer, according to The British Heart Foundation. Dr Cliff Bucknall, Consultant Cardiologist explains more in the feature.

Understanding the fat in diet

21 September 2015

Experts suggested last week that banning trans fats in Britain would save the lives of 7,200 people over the next five years and then we have dietitians urging us to include good fats in our diet – but how much do you really know and understand about eating fat in your diet? Ms Robyn Coetzee, Specialist Dietitian at London Bridge Hospital explains.

Why you need your beauty sleep

08 September 2015

 ‘I need my beauty sleep’, a term to be taken literal as Dr Virginia Hubbard Consultant Dermatologist, explains that sleep is the best for cells in the body to repair, as there is less energy sent to the brain and more to the skin.

A healthy guide to migraines

06 September 2015

The World Health Organisation lists migraines among the 20 most disabling conditions, they’re also the cause of 25 million sick days everyday in the UK – but do you have any idea how to ease them? Dr Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist at London Bridge Hospital shares his expert advice.

Brain tumour signs and symptoms

02 September 2015

Great British Bake Off co-host Sue Perkins has hit headlines after revealing she has been living with a non-cancerous brain tumour for the past eight years. Christopher Chandler, Consultant Neurosurgeon gives an insight to benign brain tumours and explains more on the subject.