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When your acid reflux could be a sign of something much more sinister: After Brian lost his brother to cancer, he discovered he also had a serious condition

09 November 2016

Read more about this minimally invasive surgery that one of our consultants Dr Jason Dunn performed.

Back pain banished: Treatment for debilitating condition taking many by surprise

08 November 2016

A dull ache above your hips or a painful pull near your shoulder blade; Brits are familiar with back pain. Consultant neurosurgeon Mr Bhupal Chitnavis explains.

Mouth Cancer: Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

28 October 2016

The earliest form of mouth cancer has a 90% survival rate; Mr Jean-Pierre Jeannon, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon raises awareness by discussing the signs, symptoms and those at risk.

Why Pilates could be the secret weapon for back pain

01 November 2016

The majority of people who suffer from back pain have never stepped into a Pilates studio, let alone know the benefits of it. Consultant Neurosurgeon Bhupal Chitnavis weighs in.