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Acute Sinusitis

In March 2014, Stephen was on holiday in Barbados when he caught a fever consisting of head pains, aches and hot and cold sweats. Initially, he was put on a course of painkillers and antibiotics, however, on his return to England his symptoms still persisted and he was put on two courses of antibiotics followed by a six-week course of steroids by his local GP. He constantly felt he had a “head cold” and that his sinuses were becoming increasingly worse.

Still suffering, and having been on a course of antihistamines and antibiotics for six months, Stephen decided to access treatment through his work’s private healthcare scheme and booked an appointment to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist at London Bridge Hospital. Stephen found Mr Nabil Salama through an internet search, and was immediately impressed that the Consultant and the hospital were so conveniently close to his place of work and convenient for travel to his home.

After his first appointment, Mr Salama diagnosed Stephen with acute sinusitis. Stephen was booked in for a CT scan on the same-day with the results showing that the whole left side of his face was completely blocked due to his sinusitis. He also had significant sinus build-up in the right side of his face.

Stephen was then presented with a choice of either more drugs or to undergo an operation. Consequently, in December 2014, Stephen underwent an operation at London Bridge Hospital to relieve him of his sinus pain. Mr Salama performed the surgery using a balloon like contraption (Balloon Sinuplasty), which expands and enables the sinus to drain and in turn, open and clear the airways. The operation was a complete success and subsequently, Stephen felt he could breathe again. This was a marked contrast to his life before the operation, as his sinusitis was making him feel down and depressed.

To date Stephen feels 100 per cent better and believes that Mr Salama and the operation completely changed his life. Without it, he would still be suffering from sinusitis today. He is healing quicker then expected much to his and Mr Salama’s delight. Stephen described Mr Salama’s services as outstanding and felt that the aftercare provided by all staff at the hospital was excellent. Stephen also comments that he would recommend London Bridge Hospital to his family, friends and colleagues, as he felt that patients were respected and given their personal space but staff came to your aid very quickly if needed.

If you would like to find out more about sinusitis or to book an appointment please visit: londonbridgehospital.london or londonsurgicalgroup.co.uk or call 020 7234 2009.