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A successful story on goitre removal


Seventeen years ago Sonia was doing some research into oesophageal cancer as her father-in-law had been diagnosed with the condition. It was during a telephone conversation about this condition that Sonia discovered one the most common symptoms of oesophageal cancer is a lump in the neck. Sonia found a lump in her own neck, which immediately made her book an appointment with her GP who referred her to have further tests privately. She had a nuclear X-ray and an aspiration which suggested that she had a benign goitre.

In November and December 2012, Sonia had a series of chest infections and her GP prescribed antibiotics. Despite the medication, it didn’t clear and resulted in very bad cough. Her GP sent her for an X-ray which discovered that the goitre she had been diagnosed with ten years ago had been growing internally onto her thyroid. This came as a complete surprise to Sonia.

It was at this point she realised the cause of her incredibly heavy breathing when asleep, was the goitre, as it was weighing down on her breathing passage. Her breathing was so heavy and loud that it would keep her husband awake at night and often meant that he did not sleep well. Previously, she had always attributed the heavy breathing to being a bit overweight.

Special surgical procedure

After discovering that the goitre had been growing internally Sonia was referred to a Consultant in Canterbury where she had a CT scan and further X-rays. Looking at the results the Consultant concluded that there was a chance that Sonia may have to have a special surgical procedure that would involve going through her breast bone to remove the goitre, and given this possibility, he suggested passing her case to Mr Ricard Simo at London Bridge Hospital.

When Sonia met with Mr Simo at the London Bridge Hospital, she had already gone through nine biopsies, all of which showed the samples being benign.

Sonia underwent a thyroidectomy where Mr Simo successfully removed the whole goitre without having to go through Sonia’s breastbone. Due to the size of the goitre, Sonia had around 15 staples to close the incision, which have healed perfectly.


After the operation, the goitre was tested to check if it was cancerous. There was less than 1cm of cancer in the centre, however, as the whole goitre had been removed, no further treatment was required.

Sonia had photos of her at every stage throughout her treatment and cannot praise London Bridge Hospital enough for the service she received.

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