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Mary is a good example of a younger patient who has benefited from a custom-made ConforMIS iTotal knee replacement. Mary was diagnosed with osteoarthritis aged 47. The most likely cause was due to the amount of sport Mary did when she was younger (e.g. hockey, tennis, netball, skiing, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing etc). Mary managed the pain for several years until it became unbearable and her mobility became severely limited. She was told by her GP that she was too young (aged 51) to have a knee replacement on the NHS so she decided to seek options to have it done privately.
Mary said “I decided that if I was going to pay to have surgery privately, I was going to get ‘the best’ available. That’s why after much research I chose leading UK surgeon Mr Ian McDermott, primarily because of his pioneering work with custom-made knee replacements and the fact that he operated in one of the UK’s top private hospitals (London Bridge Hospital)”.
On consultation, Mr Ian McDermott Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon explained to Mary that the pain, stiffness and deformity in her knee was due to widespread osteoarthritis, and he suggested that Mary should have a ConforMIS knee replacement. He explained the benefits of a custom-made knee compared to standard knee replacement surgery, and Mary took the decision to have a ConforMIS knee replacement in November 2014.
Mary is a good example of how a custom-made ConforMIS knee can achieve significantly better patient outcomes that a standard knee. For example:
Two weeks after surgery, Mary had already achieved a 120-degree knee bend.
Seven weeks after surgery Mary was cycling again, having achieved a significant range of movement to be able to do so.
Twelve weeks after surgery, Mary achieved a 130-degree knee bend & after 20 weeks this was 135+ degrees.
Twelve months on, she now has a full range of movement and a fully functioning knee.
Mary firmly believes that her rapid and remarkable recovery was due to the fact that she had:
a seriously talented and meticulous surgeon
outstanding pre- and post-op care from London Sports Orthopaedics and London Bridge Hospital
an award winning patient-specific custom-made ConforMIS knee
exceptional and regular physiotherapy support for many weeks post surgery, combined with a lot of grit, determination and commitment to doing post surgery knee exercises nearly every day for a period of six months.
Mary says “I’m now 12 months on and the difference is truly amazing. I no longer suffer from excruciating pain; I’m fitter, more active and feel the best I’ve felt in years. I have a super, new, fully functioning knee and couldn’t be happier. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful to Mr McDermott for my amazing new knee. I would have no hesitation about recommending Mr McDermott and London Bridge Hospital to other patients who are considering Total Knee Replacement surgery.”
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