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Day Surgery

Day Surgery

At The London Bridge Day Surgery Unit, we have many years of experience and are available to discuss all your requirements on admission. We are extremely proud to report excellent satisfactory survey results in our customer survey feedback forms in 2015 and continue to strive to be the best.

About your Surgery

You will have already seen your doctor in an outpatient clinic and discussed your relevant surgery or procedure. For further information on how to prepare for day surgery, please speak to your consultant beforehand.

If you’re having an endoscopy please refer to the endoscopy page here.

What to bring with you

  • Please bring any medication you are taking (discuss prior to admission whether to take medication on the morning of surgery or not)
  • A dressing gown and slippers, you will need these to walk to theatres (the hospital will provide if you do not have them)
  • Please do not bring valuables with you, although we do have small locked storage cupboards for your convenience

During Surgery

Each surgery is different, please discuss with your surgeon and anaesthetist on admission before you sign a consent form. The consent form confirms you agree for the procedure to go ahead. A highly professional team of doctors and nurses are in charge of monitoring your care throughout and after surgery.

After Your Surgery

The length of your stay in the unit after your surgery depends on the type of surgery and anaesthetic/sedation. You can discuss with your allocated nurse on admission. Upon discharge, we will:

Give you advice on pain management, if required;

  • Discuss your discharge medication, if any, prescribed for you;
  • Explain how to care for your wounds/ stitches etc.;
  • Give you a written discharge summary regarding the procedure and a copy to be sent to your GP
  • A copy of your consent form
  • Contact numbers and follow up appointments given and arranged

You will be able to leave when our team of professionals certify you are well enough to go home and have met the discharge criteria. You will require a responsible adult to accompany you on discharge, if this is not possible, please speak to nursing staff prior to procedure. If you have any problems or concerns, please telephone the Day Surgery Unit. We will also provide you the details of your consultant’s secretary, if you need to contact us when the day unit is closed.

Please Remember to Arrange

  • A responsible adult to take you home by car or taxi
  • A responsible adult to look after you overnight after your surgery/procedure
  • Childcare for your children (if necessary)

If you require any further information, or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact the Day Surgery Unit .

Opening hours of Day Surgery Unit Mon – Fri 0700 hrs – 2100 hrs (except Christmas Day or bank holidays)

Contact details: 020 7234 2274

Changing or Cancelling your Surgery

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact reservations or your consultant’s secretary as soon as possible to rearrange. Telephone: 0207 234 2274