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Important appointment information

Important information about your appointment

Initial Appointment

  • After your initial GP appointment, you will be given a card by your GP with contact details for our Appointments Line Team, in order to book an appointment.
  • On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will report to the Outpatients Department (Emblem House). Please allow 10 minutes for registration –you will be asked to confirm your personal details at this point.

The following information is required to complete the registration form:

  • Insurance details (including policy no. and pre-authorisation no. if applicable)
  • If you are a self-paying patient, payment must be made in full on the day of consultation.
  • Name and address of referring GP.
  • Once you have registered you will be given a patient card with your unique hospital number
  • Please bring any scans, X-rays or reports if they are required for your consultation.

Follow-Up Appointment

For follow-up appointments, you must contact the secretary of the Consultant that you saw at your initial consultation.

  • Please ensure that you always bring your hospital patient card with you to every appointment. This is required on each visit to the hospital.
  • A new pre-authorisation number is required for each appointment from your insurance company (if applicable).
  • Please bring old X-rays or scans if they are required by the Consultant.
  • If you have to call the hospital with a query, please quote your hospital number.

Health and Safety Warning: Electronic Cigarettes

Please note that London Bridge Hospital does not allow electronic cigarettes to be used in any part of the premises due to fire risks. There have been reported cases of fires resulting from these devices being charged. Also the vapour which also sets off the sensitive fire alarms in the building. If you have any queries please contact us via email or speak to any member of staff upon your arrival at the hospital.

How To Find Us

For more detailed information on how to find us, please click here.