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Support Services

Support services

Spiritual Care

At HCA Hospitals, we offer the highest standards of holistic care to give you as much support as you need. All our patients and their relatives, carers and friends have access to trained, accredited healthcare chaplains who provide support to those of all faiths and beliefs, whether religious or non-religious.

You are welcome to contact a chaplain for any reason and at any time during your care. A chaplain’s visit can simply be an opportunity for a friendly chat, or they can include reading from holy books and prayer as well as anointing, Holy Communion or other sacraments and rituals. There is no charge for this confidential visit. Please speak to any member of our nursing staff and they will make arrangements for you.

The chaplains make regular ward visits in all our hospitals, and are available for staff, patients and visitors alike. The chaplaincy team represents all the major faiths, and they will happily contact representatives of other faiths at your request. For further information contact HCA Spiritual care Co-Ordinator, Gillian Garman 0207 759 3909

Annual Memorial Service

A Thanksgiving and Remembrance Multi-faith Service is held each April in Southwark Cathedral. Family and friends of deceased patients are invited by letter from the Chaplain to attend this service.