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A story from one of our nurses

The patient that I am talking about was in the ward for Heart Failure Management. He was getting shortness of breath and wasn’t authorised to leave the ward at first and then couldn’t leave unattended.

My patient had a brother that occasionally visited him but for some personal reason he wasn’t able to come anymore. When the patient had the permission to go out he felt very sad because he didn’t have any relatives to go with. Even though he had a room with a river view, he felt that it wasn’t enough after being inside for three weeks and he was missing the contact with the outside world.

So I have decided to organise my time and manage to take the patient out for a walk along the river, with the Nurse in Charge’s permission.

The patient got dressed in his own clothes and as it was on the weekend, the streets were full of people and the patient was amused and smiled a lot. On return to the ward, the patient thanked me a lot as he said it meant a lot to him to be able to have a walk outside.

Catia Cunha, Cardiac Nurse