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Judith’s story

For years, Judith knew there was something wrong with her heart. She’d sometimes feel it race for hours at a time, or stop beating for a few seconds. Tests always came back normal, but that didn’t stop her worrying about going out in case she felt unwell. She had no energy and couldn’t sleep. She even gave up driving, in case her blood pressure dropped and she passed out.

At the age of 72, she was finally diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disorder which is caused by rogue electrical signals from the pulmonary veins. She was put on medication, but it lowered her blood pressure so much she collapsed when out shopping.

Judith’s research led her to our Atrial Fibrillation Centre at London Bridge Hospital. After a consultation, she decided to have cryoablation, one of the most cutting-edge procedures used to treat her condition. This technique involves inflating a balloon containing super-cooled gas inside the pulmonary veins, to kill cells that are causing the rogue signals.

The one-hour procedure was a success. Now Judith can get on with enjoying her retirement. 

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