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The London Bridge Hospital neuro-radiology service is one of the most comprehensive in the private sector, with seven 1.5 Tesla and three 3 Tesla MRI scanners across six sites in the City and Sevenoaks, allowing patients a greater choice of where they would like their imaging carried out.

Our state of the art scanners allow for faster scanning times, as short as 15 minutes, and several of them have wide bore, which aids patients who suffer from claustrophobia.

The service has the highest specification head coil enabling us to perform more advanced imaging which not only allows us to perform conventional brain and spine imaging, but also carry out more specialist neuro imaging such as:

Spectroscopy – provides a measure of brain chemistry allowing us to monitor changes in tumours, stroke, epilepsy, metabolic disorders, infections, and degenerative diseases.

Perfusion imaging – which is a new advancement allowing clinicians to better predict neurological tumour types and grade based on the blood flow in the brain.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging - is a new technique which allows visualisation of the neurological fibre tracks in the brain. This is used preoperatively as a guide as well as for monitoring brain activity and injury.

These additional functional images allow increased visualisation and demonstration of abnormalities in patients ultimately leading to a faster more accurate diagnosis.

Our comprehensive service also means patients have short waiting times for scans and fast results usually within 48 hours.