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Anaesthesia allows otherwise painful procedures to be performed without discomfort by temporarily removing or reducing sensation. There are two types of anaesthetic procedure; ‘Local’, or ‘Regional Anaesthesia’, numbs only a specific part of your body; while ‘General Anaesthesia’ draws you into complete unconsciousness. By skilfully administering appropriate quantities of anaesthesia throughout the procedure, the degree of numbness or unconsciousness can be accurately controlled by the anaesthetist.



At London Bridge Hospital, we have a suite of six theatres available, each with an fully-monitored and equipped anaesthetic room, plus a separate day surgery theatre with its own anaesthetic room. In addition, outlying areas covered by anaesthetic specialists include the three Cardiac Catheter Labs, CT and MRI suites.

Our team of highly-skilled anaesthetic practitioners assist Consultant Anaesthetists in all aspects of anaesthesia, including cannulation, induction and intubation (including the Difficult Airway in planned or emergency situations). An essential aspect of their work involves ensuring that all anaesthetic and associated equipment is routinely checked and maintained to the highest possible standard. By undergoing continuous professional development and in-house training in anaesthesia and related topics, the anaesthetic practitioners remain at the forefront of their field of expertise.

A pre-operative visit may be arranged with the anaesthetic department in main theatres, should a patient like to see a member of the operating theatre team. Although specific medical points must be discussed with the Consultant surgeon or anaesthetist, reassurance and general anaesthetic information will be provided.


 Specialist equipment

The following specialist equipment is available to ensure patients always receive the optimum anaesthetic care:


  • Olympus LF-GP intubating fibrescope
  • Difficult Airway Equipment, including ILMA, Manujet, and McCoy, Polio and Stubbie Laryngoscopes
  • Deltex Oesophageal Doppler
  • Sonosite U/S for CVC and nerve block insertion
  • Tyco SCD anti-DVT pumps
  • Stimuplex Peripheral Regional Analgesia system


Along with an Acute Pain Service (patient-controlled analgesia systems, epidural infusions) provided in liaison with the Guy’s Hospital Pain Team, we have the equipment and expertise to cater for all anaesthetic needs. In addition, we will always do our utmost to accommodate any particular requirements or special needs that the patient may have.


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