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Genetic Counselling

At London Bridge Hospital, we offer a genetic counselling service for families with an inherited predisposition to cancer.

Most cancers occur by chance; however, a small number of families have an inheritable risk for certain types of cancers.

Dr Gabriella Pichert, Consultant Cancer Geneticist, offers a counselling service providing individuals and families with a personal and/or family history of cancer.

The service offers patients/families the following:

  • An opportunity to discuss their concerns
  • Answers to their questions regarding their cancer risks, as well as genetic tests
  • Assessment of their individual cancer risk
  • An opportunity to discuss the options available to manage these cancer risks with and without a genetic test

Should a genetic test be available to determine the cause of cancers in a family, the advantages and disadvantages are discussed with the individual seeking advice to determine whether such a test is appropriate.

If a genetic test is performed, blood will be taken and sent to a specialist laboratory. Once the result is available (usually within six weeks), another appointment will be arranged to discuss this result and its implications for the patient and their family. 


Opening Hours:
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Telephone:020 3457 6262
Email: pracmgr@sylkstream.co.uk