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Lower limb

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Common procedures are:

Arthroscopic (Key-hole) procedures of the knee and ankle surgery

Arthroscopic procedures are also known as key-hole procedures and can be carried with least damage to the tissues thus helping rapid recovery. Common operations include trimming of ‘cartilage’ (meniscus), removal of loose bodies, wash out procedure for arthritis and anterior cruciate ligament repair. Ankle is frequently injured in sports and majority of such injuries can be treated with key-hole surgery. Examples included trimming of torn ligaments, removal of loose bodies and drilling of damaged joint surfaces.

Surgery for arthritis

Total hip and total knee replacement surgery
I use minimally invasive techniques, which cause less tissue damage and help rapid recovery. I also use computer to assist accurate placement of components thus increase the life of joint.

Deformity correction and limb lengthening

Limb deformity and shortening can result from fractures or congenital conditions. I use computer assisted techniques (Taylor Spatial Frame) to achieve accurate correction.

Bunion surgery

Bunion is a common foot problem. Generally speaking the surgery involves removing the bunion (bunionectomy) and osteotomy to correct the mis-alignment of the big toe.

Non union and trauma surgery

2-7% fractures fail to heal leading to deformity, shortening and loss of function. Surgery ranges from simple fixation of fracture to complex reconstruction using circular frame, bone grafting and bone stimulating substances like BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein and DBM (Demineralised Bone Matrix).