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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a scanning method involving the use of a powerful magnetic field, radiofrequency waves and computers to produce detailed cross sectional images of internal body structures, without the use of ionising radiation.

These scans can be performed on most body parts and allows demonstration of soft tissue structures including muscle, nerves, spinal cord, intervertebral discs, cartilage and ligaments as well as organs including the heart, bowel and brain. MRI scans are not suitable for all patients and contraindications include;

  • Patients with a pacemakers and some heart valves (please inform us of valve model if this applies to you)
  • Patients with aneurysm clips
  • Pregnancy
  • Metal within the eye (an X-ray may be required if you are in doubt)

To prevent accidents and injury, all patients will be asked to complete a thorough questionnaire indicating their previous medical history and this will be discussed between you and the radiographer . You will also be asked to remove all metallic objects and in most cases change into a gown prior to entering the scan room.

Most examinations are in the range of 30-45 minutes duration where it is essential that you remain still throughout. When the scan is being performed the scanner can be very noisy and we will provide either headphones or earplugs. In some instances it may be necessary to administer a contrast agent (dye) to allow better visualisation of vessels, this will be explained in detail at your appointment and you will be asked to consent to this injection. Our scanning services include all types of body, orthopaedic and neurological scans, most of which require no specific preparation prior to the scan. We also perform a range of more specialised examinations including the bowel and the heart, for these scans specific preparation may be necessary but you will be informed of this when booking your appointment.