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Occupational Health Medicine

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Occupational Health Medicine involves the provision of health advice to organisations and individuals to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety are achieved. Services relating to occupational health at London Bridge Hospital include the following:

Senior Executive Health Assessments

Education regarding key health risks and personal health management can make a dramatic difference to an individual’s susceptibility to illness. Assessments can be tailored to your individual needs (details are available on request).

Management Referral Consultations

If organisations are concerned about the health of a member of staff then Dr Yardley-Jones is happy to advise and look for any underlying health problem following an appropriate referral.

Health Surveillance

Programmes for all relevant areas of health surveillance/screening as required under COSHH and other Health and Safety legislation can be carried out. If desired, the questionnaires can be branded to reflect any specific issues.

Ill Health Retirement and Pension Advice

Dr Tony Yardley-Jones has considerable experience in the assessment of individuals for Pension applications. He uses his own guidelines or those that follow the client’s criteria according to strict audit routines to ensure appropriate application of trustee rules. In addition to providing management with guidance as to whether or not an individual has conditions which will prevent them from returning to work, he can provide specific advice to pension trustees and pension funds regarding the eligibility of individuals and provide a review of those individuals.