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Pain Management

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Pain Management offers a holistic and individual service to patients who suffer from chronic pain, whatever the cause. 

The goal of Pain Management is to improve the quality and enjoyment of life and uses a variety of treatments to achieve this. Pain Management is delivered under the care of a consultant in Pain Medicine who works closely with a wide range of different specialists – consultant surgeons, consultant physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, vocational rehabilitation specialists, clinical nurse specialists and clinical psychologists. 

Treating a patient with pain management involves one or more of the following: 


  • Reviewing pain medication and giving specific advice on how to improve this and minimize side effects. This can include guidance on weaning off strong opioid medication. In some cases, a consultant in pain management will liaise with a patient’s GP to facilitate this process. 
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation -  This includes individually tailored programmes put together by our physiotherapy department that aims to restore patients’ to a normal life. 
  • Interventional procedures -  Where appropriate, a consultant in pain medicine may consider various techniques specifically designed  to facilitate rehabilitation. 
  • Highly specialised interventional techniques such as Neuromodulation (Spinal Cord Stimulation). This technique is reserved for patients who suffer from severe intractable pain that is resistant to conventional treatment.  
  • Comprehensive psychological support relevant to pain management. This combines developing physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills aimed at lessening the suffering experienced by a person with chronic pain and ultimately help them to regain control of their life. Techniques may include: muscle relaxation, breathing relaxation, activity pacing and strategies to address anxiety and overcome negative pain-related thinking

The techniques used in pain management will depend on the nature and severity of the pain. In addition, patients will often be experiencing more than one pain, requiring a combination of approaches. The final Pain Management plan will be formulated after an extensive consultation with a pain consultant.