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Any patient with problems associated with their feet or lower limbs – from bunions to diabetic footcare – will recieve the most up-to-date, high quality treatment at the London Bridge Hospital Podiatry Department. Our comprehensive podiatry service encompasses routine outpatient care

We are able to offer the following lower limb treatments:

Assessment of foot posture

Analysis of the shape of your feet and the way the bones and joints are positioned.

Biomechancial Assessments

Investigation of foot and lower limb mechanics when running and walking and their possible relationship with injury. Treadmill analysis is used.

Digital foot scan technology

Records foot pressures.

Foot / Nail care advice

Guidance for the appropriate care of your feet.

Foot - Podiatric surgery

Surgical treatments for ingrowing toe nails, verrucaes, corn excisions, neuromas, cysts, ganglions, heel spurs and fasciitis.

Footwear advice

Advice regarding everyday shoes that may help your foot problem or more specific advice on training shoes that may be better suited to your foot posture.


An advanced biomechanical examination machine using force measurements under the foot to identify areas of high pressure. Used mainly in difficult cases where further investigation is required because treatments to date have not worked.

Halluxvalgus (Bunion) Surgery

The removal of painful bunions.

Lower limb biomechanical assessment

Looking at the entire lower leg, from the pelvis down to the foot, at the way the different joints are aligned and how they work together to produce movement.

Off the shelf and custom made orthotics

Orthotics are innersoles that go into your shoe to support your foot to take the strain off joints that may be overloaded due to poor foot posture.

Orthotic Therapy

Arch supports used for the treatment of foot and lower limb injuries to correct the poor foot alignment.

Treadmill Gait / Running analysis

Examination of lower leg and foot movement when you are walking and or running on a treadmill.

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