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Sports & Exercise medicine

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Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants specialise in the medical care of injury and illness associated with physical activity.  They also have a wide application to improving the health of the general population, including those with common chronic medical illness, through exercise prescription.


Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants have a wide experience in the assessment, diagnosis and non surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injury.  They can assess both recent sports injuries and longstanding conditions including ligament, muscle, bone and tendon injuries as well as spinal and limb pain.  


Sport and exercise Medicine specialists work closely with physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons and other allied health professionals to maximise recovery from injury and improve health, as well as to treat common sports injuries.  Some consultants have the ability to undertake diagnostic ultrasound and undertake ultrasound guided or non-guided injection therapy as well as utilise techniques such as ESWT (shockwave) to treat chronic tendon pain.