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The internationally renowned Sports Medicine facility at London Bridge Hospital boasts the very latest diagnostic technologies, including x-ray, MRI, ultrasound imaging and compartment pressure testing, as well as a state of the art physiotherapy service. The sports medicine team consists of specialist Sports Physicians, Consultants and Physiotherapists offering a wide range of services to our patients. Also based within the hospital is a team of experienced Senior Chartered Physiotherapists operating from The City Sports Clinic. Our expertise in the treatment and early rehabilitation of sports injuries ensures a prompt return to fitness for both recreational and elite sports participants, and is recognised by all major insurance companies.

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The following services are available from our sports medicine facility:


The City Sports Injury Clinic is staffed by a team of senior Chartered Physiotherapists experienced in the management of sports injuries. Each of the physiotherapists has taken extensive post-graduate education and we offer a range of services, including manual therapy, electrotherapy, Isokinetic testing, video biomechanical analysis and Clinical Pilates. Visit londonbridgephysiotherapy.co.uk for further information on our Physiotherapy Services.

Injection Therapies

A variety of injections are used in the management of injuries in order to resolve inflammation, help reduce or minimise scar tissue and to promote tissue regeneration. They are used not only in peripheral joints and around tendons but also for spinal conditions, such as prolapsed intervertebral discs causing sciatica (Caudal epidurals) and weak or lax ligaments (Prolotherapy). Cortisone with local anaesthetic is the most commonly used preparations for the reduction of swelling and inflammation. Other injections may include homeopathic (Mesotherapy), dextrose/phenol/glycerol (Prolotherapy) or lubricants such as Ostenil (Viscosupplementation). Injections are often combined with a rehabilitation programme supervised by a physiotherapist to aid your return to sport and also help in the prevention of any further injury.

Medical Acupunture

Acupuncture (also known as dry needling) is a treatment which can relieve pain and some of the other symptoms associated with physical conditions, and can encourage the patient's body to heal and repair. It is effective in reducing muscle spasm and is helpful in reducing intramuscular fibrosis in chronic strains. (see below)

Anterior Cruicate Ligament (ACL) Testing

Specialist testing of ACL injured knees, pre- and post- ACL injuries, including KT-1000 arthrometry.

Compartment Pressure Testing

Pain in the lower limbs, and occasionally in the upper limbs, may be caused by abnormally high intramuscular pressures. Compartment pressure testing involves the insertion of a small wire or probe into the muscle compartment under local anaesthetic, allowing the clinician to monitor the pressures before, during and after exercise.

InterX 5000 therapy (previously known as Scenar therapy)

This is a form of electrical stimulation of the skin developed for the Russian Space Programme. It has evolved into an effective, non-invasive therapy for pain management. It works interactively with the body, transmitting varying electrical impulses through the skin giving rise to pain relief. The InterX 5000 with acupuncture is useful for chronic painful conditions.

ENM treatment (Electronic Nerve Modulation)

ENM technology is the result of an attempt to mimic the effect of Spinal Cord Stimulation without the need for an operation. ENM provides DEEP tens therapy by passing a special waveform through to the spinal column via pads placed on the skin. With DEEP tens an electrical impulse passes deeper into the tissues than traditional TENS to reach nearer to the Central Nervous System. This allows the electrical impulse to operate more effectively.

BIOlamp treatment

BIOlamp treats the source of pain via a unique infrared spectrum of electromagnetic energy, similar to the natural bio-spectrum waves released by the human body itself. This is often combined with acupuncture. Although BIOlamp is primarily a medical appliance designed to be used solely for the relief of severe conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and severe osteoarthritis, clinical applications in China and other Eastern Countries have proved that BIOlamp is effective in treating other ailments such as back pain and certain sports injuries.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (M Modulizer)

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (M Modulizer) utilises modulated low frequency, pulsed electromagnetic energy for the restoration of damaged cartilage and early arthritis. Although this device may be used for pain relief, the main focus is to help restore the function of damaged cartilage and specific bone injuries. Exercise and specific strengthening techniques are integral to an optimum outcome. Viscosupplementation and other injection therapies may also enhance the effects of some of these treatments.

Shockwave therapy (also called Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy)

Shockwaves are very high energy sound or pressure waves. This treatment is used for conditions such as calcific tendonitis of the shoulder, chronic plantar-fasciitis, insertional achilles tendonitis and patella tendonitis.

Multi-sport gymnasium

Our gym contains state of the art equipment including high performance treadmills, cycles, rowing ergometer, pilates reformer, weight stations and specialist rehabilitation equipment.

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